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This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience

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Jacques Maillot

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Jacques Maillot
Former Director-General of the GWC

Jacques Maillot is the former Director-General of the Global Welfare Consortium, in the storyline of The Lost Experience game.

Maillot sent a letter to Dr. Roderick Johnson of the Centers for Disease Control, demanding their immediate intervention with regards to the Hanso Foundation's experimental Zanzibar station. Maillot believed the Foundation's work was responsible for a breakout of meningococcal disease in coastal villages in Tanzania.

However, soon after, an apology was issued to the CDC, claiming that the allegations were false and requesting a formal withdrawal of complaint. The letter was signed by Peter Thompson, a member of the Hanso Foundation who had taken over as acting Director-General of the GWC (replacing Maillot). It is unknown how and why Maillot left his position, other than the obvious reason that the Foundation were protecting themselves by infiltrating their regulatory body. His status is currently unknown, and he could have been forcefully kidnapped (as with other Hanso "enemies", such as Armand Zander).

Letter to CDC

Maillot's letter to Johnson

Global Welfare Consortium
Rue Grande 1623
1221 Geneva 27

19 September, 2005

To: Dr. Roderick Johnson, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical Director, Centers for Disease Control

From: GWC Executive Committee
RE: Violation of Ethical Guidelines / The Hanso Life-Extension Project

CC: Mr. Peter Thompson, Vice President, General Counsel, The Hanso Foundation; Hugh McIntyre, Vice President and Communications Director, The Hanso Foundation.

Dr. Johnson:

We have received word of an unfortunate and most alarming issue in the past days concerning research operations by The Hanso Foundation in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Sadly, we have exhausted our mandate as a watchdog organization and must petition you for a formal investigation.

It has come to our attention that a new strain of meningococcal disease has been reported in the coastal villages of the United Republic of Tanzania. This strain breached the simian/homo sapien barrier.

As the enclosed documentation and correspondence demonstrate, we have repeatedly asked the Executive Board of The Hanso Foundation for assistance in determining the possible correlation between the outbreak of this transgenic disease and the research being conducted on primates in the Experimental Station in Zanzibar. As our requests have been met with utter and complete disregard, we feel we have no other choice than to demand your immediate intervention.

As The Hanso Foundation is using primates to research gene therapies intended for human use, the correlation should be obvious.

Considering the alarming nature of this outbreak and the mounting death toll it is imperative that The Hanso Foundation immediately open the doors of their Experimental Station for inspection and, should a link be found between their work and this disease, cease and desist their activities immediately.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
Lives are at stake.

Monsieur Jacques Maillot
Director General, GWC Executive Committee


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