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Redjac was a malevolent non-corporeal entity that was responsible for numerous murders of women across many worlds throughout the centuries, feeding on the fear generated by its victims upon their death.




In the 19th century on Earth, it killed numerous women, during which time it was popularly referred to as "Jack the Ripper". By the 20th century, it committed more murders in various locations across the planet, and by the 21st century had spread to space, were it killed women in the Mars colony and Alpha Eridani II.

By 2267, it had taken on the persona of Hengist, and committed a murder on the pleasure planet of Argelius II. At the time, the USS Enterprise was present, and chief engineer Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott was accused of the crime. However, in the course of events, Hengist's true identity was revealed. Redjac later possessed Prefect Jaris, but he was liberated from the creature by a nerve pinch from Spock. The Redjac entity was then beamed on a dispersal pattern into deep space, where it was hoped the creature would die from a lack of nourishment. (TOS episode: "Wolf in the Fold")

Enoch IV

However, this was not the end of the entity. By the 2280s Redjac had arrived on the world of Enoch IV, where it was worshiped as a dark god. When the USS Excelsior arrived at the planet, its crew was attacked by Redjac, as revenge against James T. Kirk. Redjac possessed Nancy Bryce and continued its killing spree until Scott managed to adjust the shields to prevent it from entering the vessel. Science officer Saavik then aided the crew in forming a wormhole through which the Redjac entity was catapulted into another universe and trapped. (TOS comics: "Wolf on the Prowl", "Wolf at the Door")

In 2366, Lieutenant Domenica Corsi suspected Redjac had returned when a pattern of eleven homicides was discovered on a number of Federation worlds. (SCE eBook: Security)


Nearly a century later, in 2370, the USS Enterprise-D was dispatched to Enoch-7, where Redjac had instigated an outbreak of violence which threatened to erupt into nuclear war. Once the ship had arrived, Redjac took possession of the vessel's holodeck, where it discovered Data's Sherlock Holmes program. Through this, it was able to re-enact its old persona of Jack the Ripper, and trapped the crew 19th century London. Redjac then challenged the android to save them while it attempted to murder them. The crew was ultimately able to trick Redjac into focusing all of its energy into one spot, where it became trapped inside a photon torpedo. The torpedo was launched and left abandoned on a nearby moon, leaving Redjac trapped. (TNG comic: "Embrace the Wolf")

List of murders

  • Between 1888 and 1891, it was responsible for the deaths of 17 women in London, Great Britain.
  • In 1932, it killed 7 women in Shanghai, China.
  • In 1974, 5 women were killed in the city of Kiev, USSR.
  • By 2105, it had murdered 8 women in the Martian colonies.
  • In 2156, it had killed 10 women in Heliopolis on Alpha Eridani II.


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DC Comics

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Character Template Character Template
Jack the Ripper

Real Name
Calibraxis; Saucy Jack, The Ripper, Fiend of Whitechapel



Base Of Operations
Whitechapel, London, England



First appearance




Jack the Ripper is an alias given to an unidentified serial killer active in the largely impoverished Whitechapel area and adjacent districts of London, England in the later half of 1888.


In the present day, headlines proclaim a cure for cancer. However, it also poisons the blood against vampires. Luring Bennett to a pyramid that housed magic rings, Mary uses them to travel back to 1888. Bennett follows and is mistaken for Jack the Ripper. Fleeing, but weak from not feeding, he collapses and is taken in by Dr. Kelsey and Kelsey's assistant, Penny Bower. Dr. Kelsey gave Bennett a transfusion of his own blood. The doctors saved Penny from a life of prostitution. Bennett assists Kelsey with his medical work. When a newspaper arrives with a sketch of his face under the headline "Ripper Strikes Again!", Kelsey plans to prove to Scotland Yard that Bennett is not the Ripper.

Bennett recalls the article about Allen Barr, the inventor of the cancer serum, who was described as "the eminent Dr. Barr is the son of a Soho mother who, in her younger days, narrowly escaped becoming the victim of Jack the Ripper." He deduces that Mary's plan is to kill Barr's ancestor, preventing the cancer cure.

He convinces Penny to help him find Mary. They do, at a place called "Taylor and Holmes" - Penny's sister, Lacey, is apparently dead on the ground, a victim of Mary, posing as the Ripper. Bennett confronts her, but, as she tries to make her escape, Kelsey grabs her arm, revealing himself as the Ripper. Mary manages to escape, but Kelsey accidently stabs himself to death struggling with Bennett (as he turns into a bat).

Dr. Kelsey

Two bobbies appear, one revealed to be Office Joseph Allen Barr, Penny's future husband, and ancestor of Dr. Barr.[1]

New Earth

It is believed that the man who earned the nickname "Jack the Ripper" was actually possessed by a demon named Calibraxis. Calibraxis also possessed an important member of the British royal family in the 1990s. [2]

A demon, Buzz, aided The Ripper in his murders. Baalzebub promised to eventually restore Valeria to Buzz, but did so in the form of one of the Ripper's victims. [3]

Madame Xanadu

Madame Xanadu visits Whitechapel during the Ripper killings and the Phantom Stanger eventually reveals why he must be allowed to kill. The Ripper's last victim, Mary Kelly, would have sired a son by Jason Blood who would have grown into a despot the likes humanity could not imagine.

The Ripper ran afoul of the Stranger and, terrified, fell into an open sewer to be, presumably, eaten by the rats.[4]

It has been theorized that Vandal Savage may have either been Jack the Ripper or at the very least a close associate. Savage has claimed to have been many notable historical figures throughout his life, and his own testimony cannot always be considered reliable. [5] Another claimant to the role of Jack the Ripper is the delusional super-villain Red Jack. Red Jack is a known adversary of the Doom Patrol.


A version of Jack the Ripper appears in the Elseworlds story Batman: Gotham by Gaslight. In this reality, Jack the Ripper is actually Jacob Packer, a close friend of Bruce Wayne. Wayne is temporarily imprisoned for the Ripper's crimes, but later escapes and captures the real Jack the Ripper. Jacob was ultimately killed by James Gordon in self-defense when the killer tried to kill Bruce.


The entire British Royal family was wiped out in an explosion in the 19th century, except the Duke of Clarence, who is confined to a wheelchair, and a distant American cousin, Jack Planters, who becomes King. Planters is Jack the Ripper and under his rule the British Empire becomes steadily more misogynistic.

Jack was killed when the catatonic Duke of Clarence tackle him in his wheelchair sending Jack to fell on a dense bundle of stakes, impaling him to death.



Assorted medical equipment




  • The real Jack the Ripper has been seen in various works of fiction, including those of DC Comics. However, he has not been depicted in a consistent manner - different writers use the character as they see fit, with little continuity between them. For that reason, the page is simply titled "Jack the Ripper", without a universe designation.


  • Red Jack, a supernatural entity who fought the Doom Patrol claimed that he was Jack the Ripper. Then again, he was also completely convinced that he had been God as well... not a very reliable character altogether, really.
  • Veteran DC writer Alan Moore wrote an eleven-issue limited series for Top Shelf Productions detailing a vivid account of the Ripper time era. In Moore's version, Jack the Ripper was actually Sir William Gull, the personal physician to Queen Victoria. The so-called "royal conspiracy" has been adapted into several films and television projects, most notably the 2001 From Hell feature film starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. In the movie, actor Ian Holm played the part of Sir William Gull.

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Marvel Database

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Character Template Help
Real Name
Saucy Jack, The Ripper, Fiend of Whitechapel, the Zaniac, Tom Malverne, Phillip



Base Of Operations
Whitechapel, London, England


6' 1"

195 lbs (89 kg)




Marital Status

He first appeared in Whitechapel in 1888, murdering at least five women working as prostitutes. He was named for a letter sent to the Central News Agency in London.

Place of Birth

Based upon a historical figure

First appearance



The being that history knows as Jack the Ripper is actually a number of parasitic creatures that hailed from the Dark Dimension. Over a century ago, the lord of the Dark Dimension Dormammu sent one of these entities to the Earth dimension where it took root in the body of a 19th century Englishman named Tom Malverne. Malverne already demonstrated sociopathic tendencies, but the entity manipulated his scarred psyche, prompting him to commit acts of brutal murder. Active in the largely impoverished Whitechapel area and adjacent districts of London, England in the later half of 1888, Malverne murdered at least five prostitutes. His identity was unknown to Scotland Yard, but the Central News Agency took to calling him Jack the Ripper. [1] What became of Tom Malverne following the 1888 murders is largely unknown. Presumably, the parasite abandoned the Ripper's body upon the death of the host.

In 1932, the parasitic entity was imprinted upon another man who pantomimed the actions of Jack the Ripper. This man was named Phillip and he was a lover of Fah Lo Suee, the immortal daughter of Chinese crime lord Fu Manchu. According to Fah Lo Suee, her father had intimate knowledge of the original Jack the Ripper and likely even knew his true nature and identity. Whether such knowledge was indeed factual is a matter of speculation, but what is known is that Phillip continued the Ripper's work in Whitechapel for several decades. [2]

In the late 20th century, the Deviant scientist Zakka used a device called a Time Projector to pull the Tom Malverne Ripper from the 19th century into modern New York. Despite the sudden change in his surroundings, Jack was still consumed with the same bloodlust that always governed his actions. He began stalking a young woman in a Manhattan apartment building, but the Eternals known as Thena and Ransak the Reject intervened and saved the would-be slasher victim. Ransak disarmed the Ripper and was prepared to finish him off using the villain's own cane-sword, but just as suddenly as he appeared, Jack the Ripper returned to his normal time era. [3]

Some years later, the Phillip Ripper was rumored to be hunting young women in Whitechapel once again. MI-6 agent Leiko Wu baited the Ripper into a trap, but almost lost her own life in the process. Her lover and colleague Shang-Chi came to her rescue and defeated the Ripper. Fah Lo Suee appeared on the scene, and promised to look after Phillip and reignite the passion they once enjoyed. Consumed by his Ripper persona however, Phillip lashed out at Fah Lo Suee and she was forced to defend herself by firing a fatal shot into the Ripper's midsection. [4]

Powers and Abilities


The parasite from the Dark Dimension has the ability to possess others and take action through these host bodies. Once in possession, they infect the host's psyche, stimulating feelings of rage and murder. Should the physical host expire, the parasite abandons the body and takes root in another surrogate form where it repeats the process.



Jack the Ripper was known to wield a large knife, but he also brandished a concealable cane-sword.


  • The (unfortunately) real person of Jack the Ripper has been seen in various works of fiction, including those of Marvel Comics. With the exception of the Ripper's true identity, it may be assumed that the Ripper accounts from August to December of 1888 are the same as those perpetuated by the historical Ripper.


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