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 Theories may be removed if ... 
  1. Stated as questions or possibilities (avoid question marks, "Maybe", "I think", etc).
  2. More appropriate for another article.
  3. Illogical or previously disproven.
  4. Proven by canon source, and moved to main article.
  5. Speculative and lacking any evidence to support arguments.
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What Is the Significance of the Small Wound on Jack's Neck on Flight 815?

  • I am guessing that blowing up the H-Bomb worked, but not quite yet, and that the Losties will need to do some more things on the island before time really resets. The Jack who is on the island at the end of LA X was grazed by a bullet in the neck during the events leading up to the detonation of the bomb in the season 5 finale. This would suggest there is still some connection between the two timelines.
  • Jack has an underlying medical issue which was healed on the Island, but which in the alternate timeline is free to run its course. It will become important in later flashsideways.
  • The injury will turn out to be a unexplained radiation burn from the nuclear explosion, which will help push Jack into discovering what's different about the world he lives in.
    • There are now many little and not-so-little clues like this that will indicate to Crashless Jack that something strange is going on.
    • Bleed through. Jack's neck injury and recognizing Desmond. They'll probably start having dreams on their past adventures. some will have an easier time then others remembering. What happened, happened. They're just in a different present.
      • Jack recognizing Desmond had no significance, because Jack had met Desmond before, off the island.
        • No. Please look above where it's been commented several times that with Widmore out of the picture, Desmond and Jack never met at the stadium.
          • The fact that LOST universe has a propensity for course-correcting should not be overlooked. Simply because they may or may not have met under the same circumstances you have seen in one episode really should not close your mind to the possibility that Jack and Des have met under other circumstances in Dimension X. Writing a simple 'no' to proposed theories exemplifies a certain shortsightedness that LOST viewers must not adopt. :)
      • Both literal and figurative bleed through.
  • It is completely possible that in this alternate timeline where the plane doesn't crash, Jack simply got a wound on or recently before the flight.
    • Then why show it? Why give even the slightest amount of screen time? Not only did they give it screen time, but Jack looked like he had no idea how it got there. In fact, he seemed confused during the entire flight, except when he saved Charlie (hero mode: activate).
      • You're right he does seem confused the whole time. He almost seems like he REMEMBERS his time on the island, but is pretending not to.
  • Is is possible the wound relates to something that will happen to Jack in the original timeline later in the season, and he now has it in the new timeline. (Thereby, chronologically speaking, the events in the new timeline happen after events in the old timeline for the main characters).
  • The wound is an "echo" of the crash events.
  • The two realities appear quite seperate. In fact the producers seemed to enjoy lots of moments where you thought, this is the moment they "remember". (Jack shaking Lockes hand, Desmond and Jack, etc.) The wound relates only to events alternate Jack has gone through and will be explained later.
  • We all know the significance of Jack and if he shaves or not. It reflects his character at that time. We also know that the funeral was two hours after landing. He probably shaved on the plane and just nicked himself.
    • The wound was under his collar, and nowhere near where anyone would nick themselves shaving.

Sideways Universe Jack is actually Daniel

  • Daniel had bandaids on the side of his neck before he was shot- this would explain Jack's neck wound.
    • See this video:
    • Only problem with that theory is that the bandage is on the wrong side. Jack was looking in the mirror when we saw the wound on the LEFT side of his neck. Daniel's are on his RIGHT side.
    • Then again, maybe this is reversed in this "mirror universe".
  • Desmond was Daniel's constant - explaining why he was on the plane.
  • Jack seemed somewhat twitchy in the sideways universe.
  • Jack is Jack he still had all his medical training when he saved charlie. Daniel is not a doctor he would not know what to do.
  • The Incident was Faraday's plan. With his knowledge of time travel and theoretical physics, he could have known this would happen, or be involved in creating the sideways universe in a more significant way than we know of.
    • It is worth noting that in this new timeline Faraday never existed, as his mother died on the Island when the nuke went off, which is a huge paradox even for Lost standards.
    • Eloise has also the power of prediction, as you can see in the chapter with desmond, so maye she got it after the incedent and the jughead also exploted in the first timeline, so faraday will be born.
      • Eloise may only have had the power of prediction from Daniel's completed journal. When Ben shot Desmond didn't she say that she could no longer see what happened?
      • We don't definitively know that the Others were killed when the bomb detonated. Daniel could still have been born and we just haven't seen it.
        • We also aren't sure if the bomb did any damage at all. Judging from the under-water shots, the Island is intact.
          • Remember the nuke was detonated well below the surface. It appears the explosion was low enough to blow up the section of the island below sea-level. Therefore causing the island to sink.
          • In LA X Part 2, Jack says that if "Hurley" -- instead of Faraday -- is right, then the plane never crashed. This might imply that Faraday was never born in this timeline.

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