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Jack Fleming
race: Human
gender: Male
affiliation: New California Republic army
role: Military commander
rank: Major
location: Hoover Dam Rim
appearances: Van Buren (canceled)
quests: Get Meeting with Governor Joseph Dodge
Successfully frame 3-Some Caravan Co. for extortion and murder
SPECIAL: ST 6, PE 7, EN 6, CH 6, IN 5, AG 8, LK 5
level: 15
The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Major Jack Fleming is the commander of the Hoover Dam NCR troops and Governor Dodge's right hand man in 2253.



Fleming was born in 2215. He does not have a stellar military career with the NCR. He's a person who likes to question authority, and the military does not look kindly on such individuals, at least not in the NCR. So it really came as no surprise when Major Fleming was put in charge of the troops that would be sent to Hoover Dam, under the guidance and leadership of Councilman Joseph Dodge. At first, Fleming thought the assignment was a death sentence for insubordinate officers and the like. But after arriving at Hoover Dam and seeing Dodge diplomatically convince the settlers there that with cooperation they could build a powerful and prosperous community, Fleming found hope.

For the brief time before the war, when Hoover was very prosperous, Major Fleming grew to respect Governor Dodge more and more. He vowed to protect Dodge through thick and thin, and when the war with the Brotherhood of Steel started, he reaffirmed his loyalty by suggesting Dodge stay in seclusion and only meet with people when absolutely necessary. Fleming thought Dodge was one of the wasteland's last hopes of civilized community and government, and he wanted to make certain that all of Dodge's hard work in the past would not be in vain[1].

Interactions with the player character

Major Jack Fleming, would be the player's initial contact with a high ranking government official at Hoover Dam. Jack believes actions are louder than words and would only let the player to see Dodge after the player has proven himself safe, sane, and willing to help Hoover Dam.


Jack Fleming was going to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


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Hoover Dam

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Jack Fleming is a former NASCAR driver from Panama, NY. He competed in one Nextel Cup Series event in his career. That came in 1951, when Fleming raced at Canfield. Starting positions in the thirty-eight car field are unknown due to poor records, but Fleming wound up finishing 34th. Stats

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