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Outer Rim Territories[1]


Phelleem sector


Jabiim system[1]


1: Jabiim[1]

Grid coordinates





10,700 km[1]

  • Constant rain[2]
  • Temperate[1]
Primary terrain


Histroic: Muddy plains[2]

Points of interest
Native species


Primary language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard




100 million[1]

Major cities

Choal (capital)

"Your planet—your home—is being drowned in blood! For three thousand years we were loyal to the Republic…the Republic has ignored our cries for help—until they learned that beneath all the mud—our planet has a heart of ore!"
Alto Stratus

Jabiim (pronounced /dʒə'bi:m/) was a small, muddy, Outer Rim world. It was most notably the site of two fierce Battles of Jabiim.



Jabiim was a world deluged by torrential rains, experiencing less than five days per standard year without precipitation. Its muddy surface constantly shifted from the weight of the rains. Jabiim was also rich in ore, although by the time of the Battle of Yavin, the valuable ores were dwindling. During the Clone Wars, Jabiim was a world that the Galactic Republic ignored until it was too late.

The world had a very unstable electric field, and electric storms were quite common. Due to this, repulsor craft of any type were largely unusable on the planet.



Early History

Originally known as Gwynhes Minor, the planet was colonized around 3,000 BBY by Human settlers. It was absorbed into Xim's empire as he expanded his borders from the Kingdom of Cron. After the fall of the empire in 25,100 BBY, it would eventually join the Galactic Republic. In the intervening years, it suffered from an outbreak of brainrot plague and a Trandoshan invasion.

Around a generation prior to the Clone Wars, Lythian pirates attacked the world and killed many. Despite paying its due taxes to Coruscant and requesting aid, Jabiim received no help from the Republic in any of these cases.

Clone Wars

Because of the lack of assistance from the Senate, the Jabiim Congress sided with Count Dooku's growing Confederacy of Independent Systems. Republic agents on Jabiim informed the Galactic Senate that the Congress had been undermined by Separatist influences. In fact, Alto Stratus had orchestrated a coup, killing most of the Loyalist members of Congress. Although he spoke eloquently about the "oppression" of the Republic, many believed these words had been purchased with weapons, supplies, and credits by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

1st-gen AT-ATs on Jabiim during the Clone Wars.

Negotiations spearheaded by the Alderaanian Diplomatic Corps were rebuffed as Jabiim geared towards war. Rather than lose Jabiim and its valuable mines, the Republic decided to retake the world by force. The Republic positioned their strike force on nearby Handooine.

The Jabiim campaign during the Clone Wars was a disaster for the Republic – despite a nominal victory, the Republic was forced to abandon Jabiim, leaving the Jabiimi Loyalists to their fate. Jabiim would never forget the Republic's treachery. Not long after the end of the Clone Wars, the Galactic Empire launched a full scale invasion of Jabiim.

Rebel and Imperial forces fighting on Jabiim.

Galactic Civil War

Decades later, after the Battle of Yavin, Jabiim's ore supplies dwindled because of Imperial over-mining. Emperor Palpatine was not willing to pull the last of his troopers off Jabiim, despite the repeated harassment of the local Jabiimi rebels, which had persisted for 19 years. The Rebel Alliance dispatched a task force lead by Luke Skywalker to support the Jabiimi. Though as Luke set foot on the planet, he realized that he had stepped into his father's shadow. As a Padawan, Anakin Skywalker had served on Jabiim, and the locals did not forget or forgive.

Later the Empire launched a second invasion of Jabiim. With superior technology, the Imperials won the battle and crushed the rebellion. However, the Empire also made a deal with a group of wealthy Jabiimi: in exchange for their own freedom, they would give the rest of the planet's population to the Imperials as slaves.

What would complicate things further, was the fact that Darth Vader himself was present in orbit above the planet. Haunted by the memories of his former life, he ordered a full-scale decimation of the planet, destroying all life on its surface with the excuse that the Alliance would thus be deprived of a potential ally.

In the ensuing chaos, the rebel groups managed to escape and kill their Jabiimi captors, with the Jabiim faction fleeing towards the nearest mines, now their only means of escaping the planetary bombardment.

Days later, the last mine-turned-fortress would fall to an Imperial ground force and the survivors led to an awaiting slave-transport.

During the Second Galactic Civil War in 40 ABY, it was believed by the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances that Jabiim would join with the Corellians.


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