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Image:Quote1.png I'm going to have Batman do things to you... that he never even knew he was capable of. Image:Quote2.png
-- Despero

Appearing in "Crisis of Conscience: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "Crisis of Conscience: Conclusion"

In the Batcave, Despero and his mind-controlled Leaguers have surrounded Catwoman. Turning down his offer of an alliance, she uses the Batcomputer's emergency JLA communicator to summon help. However, Despero steadily mesmerizes some of the new arrivals. In this way, he divides the team between those who supported the mindwipes and those who opposed them. In forcing them to fight, he plays on their own insecurities, as individuals and as a team. Soon, the only members left are Superman, Zatanna and Hawkman. Despero gloats that Superman cannot resist his powers, but he is suddenly blown back by the arrival of Red Tornado, who is immune to his powers. The remaining Justice League is about to kill Superman, Zatanna stops them, releasing them from Despero's powers, and berating them for "using Despero as an excuse to kill each other". Fixing Wayne Manor with her magic, she teleports away to deal with the Felix Faust's Secret Society.

Zatanna brainwashes the villains, but Batman still doesn't believe in her methods. J'onn wonders how the League will cope with these events, and Hal Jordan points out that most of the heroes present are not current members of the team, and that most of the current members have left due to the events of the recent past; the League now consists of John Stewart, Superman, Martian Manhunter and the Flash - and the Flash needs time off to deal with his two new kids. It is agreed that J'onn will try to create a new Justice League roster. Going to Batman, he realizes why the Secret Society case enraged him so - Catwoman was a member before they disappeared, and he worries that her current status as an ally was not her own choice.

In the watchtower, J'onn and John Stewart are discussing possible members. J'onn remarks that Ted was worried about a conspiracy. Since Ted's death, the Justice League is fractured, the magic of the DCU is being destroyed by the Spectre, half the heroes are in a warzone in space, the villains have united, and superhuman cyborgs are attacking superteams all over the world. He wonders at the identity of the mastermind behind such a far-reaching conspiracy. Suddenly, the teleporters register Superman arriving. J'onn turns around to greet someone in a Superman costume, but he reacts strangely - the new arrival is not quite Superman. Suddenly, the Watchtower explodes.


  • The storyline this issue is a part of, "Crisis of Conscience," revolves around the aftermath of Identity Crisis, but is also a part of the Countdown to Infinite Crisis. Crisis of Conscience contains the following issues:
  • This issue feeds directly into Infinite Crisis #1, which opens with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in the ruins of the Watchtower, arguing about their differing methods.


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