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race: Human
affiliation: Gizmo
role: Bodyguard
location: Gizmo's Casino in Junktown
appearances: Fallout
quests: Take Revenge on Gizmo
SPECIAL: 8 4 7 4 6 5 5
dialogue file: IZO.MSG

Izo is a master martial artist serving Gizmo in Junktown, around 2161.


Not much is known about this man. Izo is just known to be a special martial artist, and very silent.

Interactions with the player character

Izo does not really do anything. If tried to talk to, you will get the prompt on the pipboy "Izo says nothing". Also when you finish dialogue with Gizmo, "Izo motions to the door".


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Metal Armor His Fists Bottle Caps Bottle Caps

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