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Izal Waz
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"As far as I'm concerned, you still look more like a bounty hunter than a Jedi Knight."
Han Solo

Izal Waz was a sharp-tongued salt-addicted Arcona Jedi Knight during the Yuuzhan Vong War.




Jedi training

While training on Yavin 4 under Kenth Hamner, Izal developed a salt addiction after eating some nerfloaf that was served by Kenth. He then went on a salt binge, consuming months worth of salt in only a number of days. He fled the Praxeum after less than four months.

The Yuuzhan Vong War

"Hey—look at this! I'm a hero!"
―Izal Waz

Izal was trained by Jedi Master Eelysa, who eventually helped him overcome his salt addiction. Some two years into the war, he served as a member of Saba Sebatyne's Wild Knights squadron. While among them he learned to speak the Barabel language and constructed his own lightsaber.

Prior to the Fall of Coruscant, while Leia Organa Solo was recovering from her injuries received on Duro, Izal aided Han Solo in escaping from a Corellian medical station with Eelysa. Izal was captain of the YT-1300 freighter Sureshot, and flew his ship until it was sacrificed returning to Coruscant. The ship was destroyed by orbital mines.

As the conflict against the Yuuzhan Vong wore on, Izal participated in key battles at Froz, Reecee, Arkania, Talfaglio, Coruscant, Borleias, and Yuuzhan'tar. He made a key contribution to the Jedi with the invention of the glowball. Using the Force to gather light together, he created a globe within which the Jedi fighters could be protected. The technique left him drained afterwards, but was vital in enabling the Wild Knights to gather data on how yammosks worked.

The Dark Nest

Six years after the war, Izal was one of many Jedi siding with Kyp Durron during the Killik-Chiss conflict. He volunteered to fly a StealthX in a mission designed to rescue Luke Skywalker and Han, who were being held prisoner by the Killiks.

Personality and traits

Powers and abilities

He was known to make use of a technique that he called a "Glowball". It was a ball of light that he used to cover his and allied ships while in space combat. Used during the Yuuzhan Vong War, it helped the all Jedi squadron led by Saba Sebatyne. He also used this technique to disguise a large block a durasteel.

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