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The Item sets interface.
An item set.

Item sets are used by the Grand Exchange to "compress" several components into a set. This makes it possible to sell an entire set at once on the Exchange, instead of being forced to list each component individually. The only way to create sets from individual components is by swapping the pieces for the set with a Grand Exchange clerk.



Item sets are a convenient way to store and trade complete sets. Jagex has fixed their prices to the sum of the prices of their components, so sets and their components are essentially identical in trade. The advantage of using item sets, however, is that sets are only one item, instead of the 3-5 pieces that make up the set. This saves trade slots at the Grand Exchange, of which there are a limited number, and allows the set to be traded as a whole, instead of waiting for each piece to be bought or sold individually. Item sets can also be used as a more efficient storage means, as they only take up one bank space instead of four, and many players find they must conserve this space.

For each standard or trimmed metal armour set, there are two types of sets. One type, denoted by an "(l)" suffix (meaning "legs"), contains a platebody, platelegs, full helmet, and kiteshield. The other type, which has an "(sk)" suffix (meaning "skirt"), contains the same items, except the platelegs are substituted with a plateskirt. All other armour sets without separate leg and skirt pieces only have one variation.

Sets and their components are not identical in terms of alchemy price, however the High Level Alchemy value for sets is 12 coins, and the Low Level Alchemy value 8 coins.

Item sets interface

The options available for any set within the Item sets interface.

To create item sets, players must bring the un-noted components for the set they wish to make to a Grand Exchange clerk. Each clerk has a right-click option called "Sets" which must be chosen to bring up the "Item sets" interface.

On this interface, the available item sets are listed. To check the components that make up a given set, players select the "Components" option on the set from the right-click menu (or through a single left-click). If a player has each of the components necessary in their inventory, he or she can select the "Exchange" option, which will swap the components for the set.

Turning a set into its individual components involves a similar process. Instead of right-clicking on the sets in the interface, players do the same on the sets in their inventory and select the "Exchange" option.

There is no other way to turn a set into its components, or vice versa, except through the Item sets interface.


  • To create item sets, each component of the set must be un-noted in the player's inventory.
  • Barrows equipment sets can only be made from undamaged armour.



Melee armour: Two variants

Armour Legs variant GE Price Skirt variant GE Price
Bronze armour Bronze armour set (l) 148 coins Bronze armour set (sk) 195 coins
Iron armour Iron armour set (l) 579 coins Iron armour set (sk) 610 coins
Steel armour Steel armour set (l) 2,073 coins Steel armour set (sk) 2,087 coins
Black armour Black armour set (l) 8,178 coins Black armour set (sk) 8,178 coins
Mithril armour Mithril armour set (l) 6,311 coins Mithril armour set (sk) 6,300 coins
Adamant armour Adamant armour set (l) 18,800 coins Adamant armour set (sk) 18,700 coins
Proselyte armour Pros'yte harness m 25,200 coins Pros'yte harness f 25,200 coins
Rune armour Rune armour set (l) 204,900 coins Rune armour set (sk) 190,300 coins
Dragon armour Dragon chain armour set (l) 8,200,000 coins Dragon chain armour set (sk) 7,400,000 coins
Dragon armour Dragon plate armour set (l) 41,100,000 coins Dragon plate armour set (sk) 40,300,000 coins
Black trimmed armour Black trimmed armour set (l) 582,500 coins Black trimmed armour set (sk) 486,300 coins
Black gold-trimmed armour Black gold-trimmed armour set (l) 1,700,000 coins Black gold-trimmed armour set (sk) 1,600,000 coins
Adamant trimmed armour Adamant trimmed armour set (l) 444,300 coins Adamant trimmed armour set (sk) 389,900 coins
Adamant gold-trimmed armour Adamant gold-trimmed armour set (l) 989,500 coins Adamant gold-trimmed armour set (sk) 873,300 coins
Rune trimmed armour Rune trimmed armour set (l) 1,800,000 coins Rune trimmed armour set (sk) 1,600,000 coins
Rune gold-trimmed armour Rune gold-trimmed armour set (l) 2,800,000 coins Rune gold-trimmed armour set (sk) 2,500,000 coins
Guthix armour Guthix armour set (l) 2,400,000 coins Guthix armour set (sk) 2,100,000 coins
Saradomin armour Saradomin armour set (l) 5,800,000 coins Saradomin armour set (sk) 5,200,000 coins
Zamorak armour Zamorak armour set (l) 3,900,000 coins Zamorak armour set (sk) 3,500,000 coins
Gilded armour Gilded armour set (l) 5,600,000 coins Gilded armour set (sk) 4,000,000 coins

Melee armour: One variant

Item Set GE Price
Initiate armour File:Initiate_harness_m.png Initiate harness m 20,200 coins
Rock-shell armour File:Rockshell_armour_set.PNG Rock-shell armour set 227,800 coins
Elite black armour File:Elite_Black_Armour_Set.png Elite black armour set 391,800 coins
Barrows - dharok's set File:Dharok's_set.png Barrows - dharok's set 9,000,000 coins
Barrows - guthan's set File:Guthan's_set.png Barrows - guthan's set 5,700,000 coins
Barrows - torag's set File:Torag's_set.png Barrows - torag's set 2,800,000 coins
Barrows - verac's set File:Verac_set.gif Barrows - verac's set 6,800,000 coins
Third age warrior armour File:Third_age_melee_set.png Third age melee set 396,800,000 coins

Magic armour

Item Set GE Price
Splitbark armour File:Splitbark_armour_set.png Splitbark armour set 141,300 coins
Skeletal armour File:Skeletal_armour_set.PNG Skeletal armour set 204,500 coins
Trimmed wizard robes File:Wizard_robes_(t).png Trimmed blue wizard set 1,400,000 coins
Gold-trimmed wizard robes File:Wizard_robes_(g).png Gold-trimmed blue wizard set 3,600,000 coins
Blue mystic robes File:Mystic_Set.gif Mystic robes set 148,800 coins
White mystic robes File:Light_Mystic_Set.gif Light mystic robes set 210,500 coins
Black mystic robes File:Dark_Mystic_Set.gif Dark mystic robes set 259,700 coins
Enchanted robes File:Enchanted_set.gif Enchanted set 295,000 coins
Dagon'hai robes File:Dagon'hai robes set.gif Dagon'hai robes set 218,600 coins
Infinity robes File:Infinity_Set.gif Infinity robes set 7,400,000 coins
Barrows - Ahrim's set File:Ahrim's_set.png Barrows - ahrim's set 4,100,000 coins
Third age mage armour File:Third_age_mage_set.png Third age mage set 177,000,000 coins

Ranged armour

Item Set GE Price
Green dragonhide armour File:Green_dragonhide_set.png Green dragonhide set 8,422 coins
Blue dragonhide armour File:Blue_DHide_Set.png Blue dragonhide set 9,686 coins
Red dragonhide armour File:ReddhiseSet.gif Red dragonhide set 13,900 coins
Black dragonhide armour File:Black_dragonhide_set.gif Black dragonhide set 17,000 coins
Trimmed leather armour File:Leather_armour_set_(t).png Trimmed leather armour set 98,300 coins
Gold-trimmed leather armour File:Leather_armour_set_(g).png Gold-trimmed leather armour set 240,600 coins
Trimmed green dragonhide armour File:Green_dragonhide_set_(t).png Green d'hide trimmed set 400,000 coins
Gold-trimmed green dragonhide armour File:Green_dragonhide_set_(g).png Green d'hide gold-trimmed set 1,300,000 coins
Trimmed blue dragonhide armour File:Blue_dragonhide_set_(t).png Blue d'hide trimmed set 13,600 coins
Gold-trimmed blue dragonhide armour File:Blue_dragonhide_set_(g).png Blue d'hide gold-trimmed set 37,900 coins
Green dragonhide blessed armour File:Green_d'hide_blessed_set.png Green d'hide blessed set 345,700 coins
Blue dragonhide blessed armour File:Blue_d'hide_blessed_set.png Blue d'hide blessed set 1,600,000 coins
Red dragonhide blessed armour File:Red_d'hide_blessed_set.png Red d'hide blessed set 2,500,000 coins
Spined armour File:Spined_Set.gif Spined armour set 60,300 coins
Barrows - Karil's set File:Karil's_set.png Barrows - karil's set 5,300,000 coins
Third age ranger armour File:Third_age_ranger_set.png Third age ranger set 123,000,000 coins


The only item set that is not an armour set is the Dwarf multicannon.

Item Set GE Price
Dwarf multicannon File:Cannon_set.PNG Dwarf cannon set 520,600 coins

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