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By holding the ashes (i.e. the urn) of a dead person a Ritualist may receive a boon of some kind, e.g. healing, protection, damage to foes, or others. The effect will happen either while you carry the urn and/or when you drop it. There is generally no delay before effects triggered by dropping ashes, however Anguished Was Lingwah has a 1 second delay and Lively Was Naomei has a 3 second delay. Ashes cannot be picked up after being dropped and will automatically be dropped when the item spell's time limit runs out. Ashes follow the naming convention of "Ashes of <name>".

Side Effects

Note that while you "hold the ashes" you are actually physically holding the urn with your hands, instead of your weapons. This means:

  • The urn will be visible in your hands and you will see a "Drop Item" button on your screen.
  • You cannot perform combat attacks.
  • You will not gain any equipped weapon or offhand effects such as armor, energy, or damage reduction. Therefore, the energy loss actually caused by the spell can be greater than just its cost. (Note: This can be used to end hexes like Malaise or Wither.)
  • You will, however, still take effect from Weapon Spells on you.
  • When Shadow Stepping, you drop the ashes that you hold.
  • If you switch weapon sets or the timer runs out you will drop the ashes.

However, unlike holding most other bundles, holding ashes does not slow down your movement speed.

As soon as you drop the urn (either by hitting the "drop" button, by changing to a Weapon Set or when the timer runs out), you re-equip your weapons and gain back all bonuses, triggering any on-drop effects.


The general nature of an urn's effects can be determined from its appearance. Red, rectangular urns have offensive effects. Orange, mushroom-shaped urns have defensive or supportive effects. Silver, ovoid urns are only created by Lively Was Naomei, and resurrect their creator and nearby party members when they are dropped.

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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Prophecies.

  • Saidra's Ashes are a special case and are not created by an item spell, but are found in an explorable area. Once picked up, they have an effect while held and provide a bonus when dropped, similar to an item spell. They use the golden chest graphic like that of Urn of Saint Viktor.

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