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Itchy is Grundgetta's pet Rottendoodle -- a grouchy dog breed. Grundgetta shows off her dog to Oscar in episode 4127 and encourages him to adopt his own Rottendoodle.

Unlike Oscar's dog, Cranky, Itchy is a properly grouchy pet. He's dirty, and he doesn't do anything that Grundgetta tells him to do.

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Final Fantasy

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Itchy is a negative status effect appearing in Final Fantasy X-2. When afflicted, the character can only perform a Spherechange and switch to a different Dressphere or flee. Once the change has been made, the effect is canceled. It can also be removed by using a Holy Water on the character.

The Itchproof Auto-ability grants immunity to the effect. It can be gained by wearing the Favorite Outfit accessory, and is also learned by the Berserker Dressphere.

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Itchy is a UNSC soldier serving on an Orbital Defense Platform over Earth. He is in the same unit as Nick, and played ping-pong with him at least once.[1]


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1.7 meters

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«No parent should ever be forced to bury his own child.»

Attichitcuk, also known as Itchy for short, was a Wookiee Chieftain, and father of Chewbacca and Kallabow.




Early life

Tall and strong even by Wookiee standards, Attichitcuk's gray fur was capped by a pronounced snout, wide brow and large eyes. Along with his mate, Attichitcuk allowed their children to explore the differences that manifested in their youths. It was Attichitcuk that gave Chewbacca a wooden starship that inspired his son's wanderlust. In his youth, Attichitcuk was an exceptional warrior and hunter. As he aged, Attichitcuk became a community leader, advisor to the Wookiee councils and disparate Kashyyyk tribes.

Only armed with his Ryyk blade, Attichitcuk once killed a pack of twenty vicious katarns. As a modest warrior, he didn't make it known until young Chewbacca found a collection of katarn dew claws, strung on a length of sinew. As his son grew older, Attichitcuk settled down into a leadership role in the community, advising the councils and tribes. He had the role of a peacemaker and even-handed referee during inter-tribal conflicts.

Rise of the Empire era

A leader amongst the Wookiees by the last decades of the Galactic Republic, Attichitcuk represented Kashyyyk in the Alaris Prime negotiations in 32 BBY. In recognition of his negotiation efforts, Attichitcuk was chosen to lead the initial colonization efforts. While establishing a base of operations, Attichitcuk uncovered a hidden Trade Federation operation established in violation of the Republic's decision to grant colonization rights to the Wookiees. In a Trade Federation ambush, Attichitcuk was severely injured, but was rescued by Chewbacca. After a prolonged campaign, Attichitcuk, with the assistance of Chewbacca,his friend Shoran and Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn were able to remove the Trade Federation forces.

As the Clone Wars erupted and Kashyyyk fell under siege, Attichitcuk joined in the defense of his homeworld. Too old to fight alongside the younger Wookiee warriors, Attichitcuk served as a gunner aboard an Oevvaor jet catamaran during the Battle of Kashyyyk.

Galactic Civil War

Attichitcuk with his grandson Lumpawarrump.

The rise of the Galactic Empire saw Kashyyyk blockaded and the Wookiees enslaved. Like most of his fellow Wookiees, Attichitcuk was trapped on Kashyyyk, forced to watch his beloved forests burned and tortured by the cruel Imperial overseers. After Han Solo freed Chewbacca, Attichitcuk warmly welcomed the smuggler into his honor family. Solo took to calling Attichitcuk "Itchy", a name that the elder Wookiee proudly accepted. Ostensibly, Attichitcuk resumed his role as a leader after the liberation of Kashyyyk while he aided in the raising of the younglings of his family.

In 1 BBY, Attichitcuk came to the aid of Leia Organa Solo and Echuu Shen-Jon in their efforts to retrieve the Vor'Na'Tu on Geddes during the Krantian Civil War. The timely arrival of Attichitcuk and his contingent of Wookiee warriors and war machines proved critical in the battle.

During the Liberation of Kashyyyk, Attichitcuk was captive by Pekt aboard the Avatar Orbital Platform to be skinned, but was freed by Han Solo and Chewbacca.

After the death of his son, Attichitcuk reluctantly accepted that Solo was not prepared to accept an extension of Chewbacca's life debt by Lumpawaroo and Lowbacca.

Behind the scenes

An elderly Attichitcuk relates a tale of his son to C-3PO and R2-D2.

Itchy was portrayed by Paul Gale in The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Attichitcuk first appeared in an early form as Chewbacca's father "Auzituck" as far back as the May 1973 rough draft of Star Wars. In scene 135 in the Wookee (sic) camp on Yavin (Yavin being an early version of "Kazyyyk", which would ultimately evolve in spelling into "Kashyyyk"), it says:

"Chewbacca enters the largest of the lodges. He is greeted by his father, AUZITUCK, Chief of the KAAPAUKU tribe; an old and feeble Wookee dressed in royal skins and headdress."

Sound clips of Itchy's growls from The Star Wars Holiday Special were used for a few of Tarfful's growls in Revenge of the Sith. Specifically, they were used during Yoda's "goodbye" scene to Chewbacca and Tarfful.[1]



Notes and references

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