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Status Animal
Classification Carnivore/Grazer
Size < 1cm
Weight < 1 gm
Homeworld Unknown
Multi-world Yes
Canon No
Reference JTAS Online

These blood suckers resemble small tangles of lint, and have a mild chameleon ability. Capable of flight, they prefer to conserve energy and crawl from surface to surface. They can even burrow through normal, non-protective clothing, given time. Once inside, Itankilnata'ak then will bite and get minute amounts of blood from their victim's capillaries. Most people will find the sensation somewhere between an itch and a mosquito bite in annoyance, but over a slightly larger area. Given part of the blame for the spread of Solomani diseases preceding the Rule of Man.

They thrive in human-normal conditions, often surviving in clothes. There, they eat the mites that survive on crumbs and skin flakes when not next to living beings. Although they can be found in many environments, Itankilnata'ak like to hide in moss and stringy fabric.

Most subspecies can tolerate heat up to 150°C. What they cannot tolerate is cold — below 0°C, they hibernate, and below -40°, they die.

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