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Lost: The Official Magazine
#01 "Cast Away"
"The Lost Shephard"

"Jack. Ben. Locke."
#02 "Sawyer, Michael, Sayid, Shannon"
#12 "Flashback"

"Juliet & Sawyer"
#03 "Inner Demons"
#13 "Femme Fatales"

"Lost Reaches Episode 100!"
#04 "Enter: The Hatch"
#14 "Captured!"

-- Lost: Messages From The Island

#05 "What Kate Did"
#15 "Season 4 Arrives!"

#24 "The Beginning of the End"

#16 "New Season Secrets!"

#25 "Night Terrors"

#07 "Season 3 Is Here!"

"Cabin Fever!"

#26 "Dharma Duo"

#08 "Faith No More?"

#18 "2008 Yearbook"

#27 "Season 6 Is Here!"
#09 "Revelations"

#19 "Tales From The Freighter"


"Love Island"

#20 "Escaping The Island"


Date Released
December 2007

"Captured!" is the eighth issue of the first volume of Lost: The Official Magazine. It was released soon before the airing of "The Beginning of the End".



Unearthed Treasures

Tear-out poster

The Unearthed Treasures section featured an interview with writers Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis. They discussed the family relationship between Ben Linus and his daughter, Alex. They also discussed where they wanted Desmond to go in season four, stating that he would be "wanting answers." Also mentioned was how season four was easier to produce because they had more time.

Ubisoft Unleashes Lost

This section revealed several new pieces of information about the then-upcoming video game Lost: Via Domus. The first piece of information was that players would play as a character that had not been seen on the show. Also revealed was that there would be playable flashbacks. References were made to episodic nature of the game, and to appearances by the smoke monster.

The Third Place

John Bernstein was interviewed in this section of the magazine about the the third season DVD. He stated that he found the third season to be one running storyline, finding that back-to-back viewings of the episode were "remarkably cohesive." He previewed some of the special features that would be found. He stated that his favorite bonus feature was "Lost in a Day." He previewed Access: Granted, the Blu-Ray-exclusive bonus feature, and stated that he was he was brainstorming some unique features for the fourth season DVD.

Blood Vs. Water

By the Fire

"Blood Vs. Water"

As a follow-up to questions asked to Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis earlier in the issue, an interview with Michael Emerson and Tania Raymonde was featured as part of the "By the Fire" segment. They both talked about their characters' progression throughout the third season, as well as the revelation that Alex was Ben's daughter. Tania also discussed her character's relationship with Karl, stating that she did "believe a girl like Alex should have a boyfriend on the island."

As an aside, Emerson alone discussed his theatrical roots and why he commonly is cast in intense roles. Raymonde also discussed Cell Division, a film she both wrote and directed.

"The All-Seeing Aye"

An interview with actor Henry Ian Cusick followed, in which he discussed swimming in the show, which he stated inspired him to take a scuba diving test. He stated that he questions Desmond's sanity a little due to the flashes. He discussed Dominic Monaghan's departure from the show, stating that Monaghan had told him ahead of time, and that on his last day, Monaghan became extremely focused on his work.

"I Have a Friend..."

Marsha Thomason, who portrayed Naomi, was interviewed next, and spoke about her first day on the show, in the mud with bugs. She revealed her glee in Naomi's revelation of the fact that Oceanic Flight 815 had been found already, and of her wish to do a scene with the smoke monster if it didn't attack her.

Frequent Flyers

Pearls of Wisdom

Damon Lindelof returned for his weekly segment in which he answered readers' questions, most notably that we would see Libby again, and that the numbers would make a reappearance in season four.

Oceanic Airlines advertisement

Also in the Issue

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City of Heroes

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

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This information is about new features that were implemented in Issue 14 and this page may still be slightly incomplete on details.

Issue 14: Architect was announced on September 25th, 2008. [1] It was released on April 8, 2009.[2]



Issue 14, titled Architect, was a major revision to City of Heroes and City of Villains. The title refers to the Mission Architect, which was originally slated to be a part of Issue 13.

This article summarizes some of the major features in Issue 14. For more complete details, see the release date's patch notes. [3]


Mission Architect

First the City of Heroes Character Creator set a new standard for player creation and customization. Now, Issue 14 takes another giant step, allowing players to design their own missions and story arcs to share with the entire City of Heroes community. Using an intuitive interface similar to the game’s detailed Character Creator, players can create missions from the ground up. Players will determine details ranging from environments, mission objectives, and enemies, to written fiction and character dialogue; giving their stories nearly infinite depth and personalization.

Among other rewards, authors and architects who create the most extraordinary content will garner acclaim and reputation. Community feedback will be paramount and some missions will elevate in status unlocking new rewards and benefits for their creators.


  • A Valkyrie option for Dual Blades [4] can be seen at the character creator on test (not under NDA)

Other Changes

  • According to Synapse "...there will be some small changes to the merit reward system (and the reward system in general) in Issue 14, that I am sure will be viewed as positive changes." [5]

Confirmed Not In Issue

External Links

  • Official Feature Update
  • Preview: Issue 14: Architect
  • Issue 13 Mission Architect Delay

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