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Ishmael Ashur
race: Human
affiliation: Pitt Raiders
Formerly Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel
role: Leader
location: Haven
family: Sandra Kundanika - wife
Marie - daughter
appearances: The Pitt
quests: Free Labor
SPECIAL: 5ST, 6PE, 6EN, 5CH, 5IN, 7AG, 5LK
derived stats: Hit Points:85 → 135
tag skills: Big Guns: 62 → 100
Small Guns: 64 → 100
Speech: 60 → 100
level: 7 → 17 (1.5 times current player level)
actor: James Lewis
base id: xx000f20
ref id: xx000f25
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Ishmael Ashur, known to many of the Pitt's inhabitants as "Lord Ashur", is the leader of The Pitt, a raider and slaver town, in the year 2277.



Ashur reveals his personal history and motives, as well as much of the history of The Pitt, in a series of holotapes found in his personal safe, addressed to his daughter Marie. He reveals he was once a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, and participated in their assault on the Pitt twenty years ago, known as the Scourge. During the fight, Ashur was caught in an explosion and was presumed dead, so the Brotherhood left him within the mill. After being pulled out of the rubble by scavengers trying to steal his armor, Ashur impressed them with some even considering him a god (Midea sarcastically calls him the "God-King"). He then brought together the scavengers in the area, starting the city.

He chose to start the city in The Pitt because he was touched by the tenacious locals, and the fact that it contained the only operational steel mill the Brotherhood had ever run into. So he recruited everyone in the area, killed raider leaders and made the rest follow him. When that wasn't enough, he resorted to using slaves (who he insists on calling "workers"); he admits he hates to do this, but claims "it has to be done" since citizens of The Pitt are unable to have children due to the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion. His ultimate goal is to create the first city that is "producing" once again, and he claims that every other post-War community (including the Brotherhood of Steel) has lived off of leftovers and has been unable to create things anew.

The accuracy of this blanket statement by Ashur is unclear, as is whether or not he is including The Enclave or the New California Republic in his assessment, since those communities clearly do have advanced capacity to produce and manufacture new material. Despite Ashur's condemnation of the Brotherhood of Steel as "lazy" scavengers, in the original Fallout they were also depicted as possessing some form of manufacturing capabilities. It's entirely possible he knew about these facts, but kept them secret to inspire the slaves further. However it is unlikely that most factions in the Wasteland have anywhere near the industrial capacity of Pittsburgh; a major Steel producing location. (even with only a fraction of it's Pre-War industry is intact).

Daily schedule

Ashur is found in his office at the top of Haven, and gives speeches to the slaves of the pitt every once in awhile. He also runs the pitt's radio station.

Interactions with the player character

Your first interaction with Ashur is when he gives a speech to the slaves to pick a fighter for The Hole. After you're done fighting in The Hole, he will ask to meet you and talk to you about becoming a Pitt Raider. You can then choose to side with him or Wernher, and if you side with him you fight to stop the slaves revolt, and if you side with Wernher you kill him.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Ashur's Power Armor
Recon Helmet
Drum-Magazine Combat Shotgun - Ashur's Key


  • When Ashur is giving his speech to the slaves prior to the PC fighting in The Hole (The Pitt), there is a very narrow opportunity to deal damage to him. If the PC fires at him, he says, "Lets get out of here!" and doubles back up the catwalk behind him and disappears into the building behind him and to the right. If the PC manages to deplete all of his health, he is merely rendred "unconscious" rather than killed. Krenshaw is also present at the speech, standing near Ashur, and he also is unkillable during this stage of expansion. Also, if you save before shooting at him, then reload the save, Ashur will comment on how nobody has tried to shoot him yet.


  • If you choose to kill Ashur in the main questline for the Pitt, he will still broadcast on the pitt radio frequency despite being dead
  • If you shoot Ashur with a Mesmetron He will stand up and fire at his guards. If the guards sucessfully kill Ashur they will not become hostile towards you and act as if nothing happened.
  • Sometimes when you kill Ashur, Pitt Raiders will not become hostile towards you except for the ones in the area you killed Ashur. Sandra will still become hostile towards you.
  • Sometimes after the initial meeting dialog with Ashur he will repeat the words "Don't let me keep you" a few times to forever before leaving. This appears to be a bug, supposedly caused by speaking to others in Haven before speaking to Ashur or by skipping through too much of Ashur's dialog.
  • Ashur will sometimes fall down (exactly like Harkness if you tell Zimmer about him) at random moments. You can also loot him while he is in this state and guards will not be hostile when he gets back up.
  • Usually, after finishing the main quest, and regaining entry to Haven, Ashur will be waiting for you on his floor, alive but having only what was left after looting his corpse. He is marked essential hereafter, and cannot be killed. However, unusual glitches have been reported (e.g. Dismembered limbs floating near their appropriate areas, and Ashur walking weirdly, as if skating. Also, if you remove Ashur's head, when you return it will be at his feet and on his body. When you enter VATS, you can target the one at his feet but the one still attached to his head won't register. When talked to, the head at his feet will speak.)
    • In the above case, Ashur cannot be killed, nor looted for any possessions. He will simply go unconscious repeatedly with no XP gain, and no Loss or Gain of Karma. Thus in doing so, all you really get is a waste of ammo. In addition, if he still has his combat shotgun, he may shoot it at you while he is on the ground, even if it is not pointed at you.
  • Sometimes Ashur stops in the middle of his speech and nothing happens when you are chosen to fight in the pitt. This forces you to reload to your last save and try it again.


Ashur appears in The Pitt add-on for Fallout 3.

The Pitt (add-on)
Antagonists in the Fallout games

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