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Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 13th century
Appearances: The Time Warrior
Actor: David Daker

Irongron was the lord of a castle in 13th century Wessex. When he and his troops saw a bright light, Irongron immediately claimed it for his own naming it Irongron's star. When he and his men got their they realised it was no a star and when Linx stepped out Irongron immediately challenged him to a fight naming him Star warrior. Linx turned the fight down and bargained with Irongron that in return for advance weapons Irongron must give him a place to hide his ship and the means to fix it. Irongron accepted and was temporarily content with the gift on rifles.

He grew to despise Link for not coming when he wished and insulting him. He also hated Edward of Wessex as he had much good food and wine. His men captured a scribe from Edward and Irongron ordered the scribe to be put in the dungeon where he died. While climbing the wall of his castle on day Irongron was shot at by an archer called Hal sent by Edward. Irongron orders him to face an entirely metal robot, a gift from Linx. Hal wins, when the Doctor shoots the control device. When the Doctor was running out of Irongron’s castle after creeping around, Irongron tried to kill him for striking him while he escaped. Irongron failed as Hal disarmed him.

This angered Irongron. Irongron launches an attack on Edward's castle and when counter attacked leads the retreat. He blames his troops for cowardliness, Linx points out that he lead the retreat so Irongron attacks him but is quickly beaten down. Irongron witnesses the face on Linx, which makes him realise just how ugly beings can be. Irongron is sent a second warrior knight. Irongron tests the knight by fighting it ad losing to it. Irongron lifts the knight’s helm and it is revealed to be the Doctor.

The Doctor is used by target practice by Irongron’s men with their new guns this amuses Irongron. Irongron is drugged with sleeping potion like the rest of his men by Sarah Jane Smith. Irongron wakes before the rest of his men and accuses Linx of betraying him. Linx shoots him with his Sontaran laser killing him. (DW: The Time Warrior)

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