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Iron dragons are one of the four types of metal dragons. Their appearance is that of a dragon entirely composed of iron, apart from their eyes, which are green. As with all adult dragons, iron dragons have the ability to breathe fire, so an anti-dragon or dragonfire shield is essential. For ranging, an anti-fire potion is highly recommended when fighting them. They can be found deep in the Brimhaven Dungeon, outside the fortress of Ghorrock just out of the Wilderness, and in Kuradal's Dungeon. As with all metal dragons except the bronze dragon, they have a chance of dropping the famous draconic visage, which is one of the main reasons that metal dragons are hunted.


Strengths and weaknesses

Iron dragons, like all metal dragons, have very high defence. As with all dragons, an Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield or Super antifire potion is essential when fighting them, and while using either shield, an antifire potion is optional (unless you plan on staying for less than 5 minutes, bring an Anti-fire potion.). Without the shield or super antifire, you can be hit extremely hard by the dragon's firebreath, while the anti-fire potion will only provide added protection. An anti-fire potion alone will NOT provide suitable protection. Anti-fire potions are highly suggested as when used in conjunction with an anti-dragon shield or a dragonfire shield, they provide 100% protection against their fire, but the untradable super antifire potions can give 100% protection without a shield. Be sure to be two or more steps away from them when using range or magic, as they may attack with melee dealing up to 17 damage per hit.

Dragons will use both a melee and dragonfire attack while in melee range, but will only use a ranged dragonfire attack while the player is out of melee range. Using both a Anti-dragon/Dragonfire shield and an anti-fire potion and using range or magic to kill them will mean you take no damage at all. Using a Rune Crossbow along with either mithril or stronger bolts as well as using fire spells (such as Fire Bolt or higher) makes killing Iron dragons a lot easier, if you use magic bolt spells, Chaos gauntlets will help a lot.

When you kill them in Brimhaven Dungeon, the more powerful Steel dragons can be found at the same locations. Be aware as Steel dragons will try to attack if the player gets too close.

If you have the Dragon slayer gloves from the Fist of Guthix minigame, wearing these will give you extra slayer experience when killing these for your slayer tasks.



Brimhaven Dungeon

This is a very good location, as rangers and mages will find it easy to safespot. However, you can be attacked by Steel dragons in the same location; meleers will be more affected by this; this can be combated by standing at one of the four corners. Usually, a couple of iron dragons will gather at the north-eastern location. A one-click teleport is recommended. A good strategy is to teleport to Camelot. From there, a player should run south to Catherby. Withdraw 1,355 coins (or 480 coins and Karamja Gloves 3), Camelot Teleport runes and antifire potions (meleers should also bring prayer potions). Charter a boat to Brimhaven. Run south to Brimhaven dungeon. Pay the fee (Karamja gloves 3 will make it free) and enter. Kill the dragons and teleport back to Camelot when you are out of antifires or inventory space. Repeat the cycle. Also note that you should have at least 50 (for medium level players, high leveled players would only need 30) hitpoints before you leave the area, because on your way out you can be met by other monsters, which can deal high amounts of damage and if the player gets lost she/he might end up in a sticky situation; Guthan's set should be helpful; however, it is generally a better idea to teleport out when done.


This is not recommended (unless the player has the following items) because of the far bank (Mage Arena). However, with 43 prayer (if meleeing; bring prayer potions), a dragonfire/anti-dragon shield and a couple of antifire potions or a super antifire potion, a player can attack them taking no damage at all. The player turns on protect from melee (if meleeing) and either wields a dragonfire shield or an anti-dragon shield and drinks an antifire potion or drinks a super antifire potion. They will be immune from all attacks. Once the player runs out of prayer points, either drink a prayer potion or run south to find an altar, and recharge your prayer points. When the player runs out of antifire potions/super antifire potions, run to the Mage Arena or teleport out. The player should also bring along a couple of food items. Be aware that revenants may attack.

This area is the least busy of the areas.

Kuradal's Dungeon

Kuradal's Dungeon can only be accessed if Kuradal assigns the player iron dragons. This is an excellent location, as it is generally less busy than Brimhaven Dungeon, and is slightly less risky to reach than Ghorrock. The iron dragons here can drop the Ferocious ring, a bonus drop only available here which increases all damaging hits by 4, provides ring of life functions (teleports to Kuradal at less than 10% hitpoints) and has teleports to Kuradal; it is recommended to wear this ring when you receive it as a drop. Inventory is the same as the other locations (dragonfire/anti-dragon shield with antifire potions or super antifire, prayer potions for meleers).


100% Drop


Charm drop percentages
No Charm


13 - 15%

18 - 20%

14 - 16%

4 - 5%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 3,076 kills.
2 charms are dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)




Ranging Items




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