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Final Fantasy VIII Enemy
Iron Giant
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 100)
631 78,000
Elemental affinities
- Weak - -
- - Immune -
Japanese 鉄巨人
Romaji Tetsukyojin
Location Esthar - Esthar City (after Lunar Cry), Tears' Point (under Lunatic Pandora), Great Plains of Esthar, Esthar City (Disc 4), Great Salt Lake, Abadan Plains, Sollet Mountains, Nortes Mountains, West Coast
Lunatic Pandora
Battleship Island - Deep Sea Deposit
Ultimecia Castle - Clock Tower, Clock's Mechanism Room, Stairway Hall
Scan Hard to damage due to the steel armor. Doesn't use magic, but its sword causes significant damage.
HP Formula 1.5(Lv)2 + 630(Lv)
Card Iron Giant, Fujin and Raijin

Iron Giant is an enemy is Final Fantasy VIII.

As the scan defines it, Iron Giant's attacks is limited to using its sword. The Grand Sword is an ability that targets all party members. When it loses about 50% of its HP, the Iron Giant will use Mighty Guard, which grants Protect and Shell to it and its accompanying monsters.

Triple Triad

Iron Giant
Image:TTIronGiant.png Level 5 (Monster Card) Element None
Refine 3 refines into 1 Star Fragment
Drop Iron Giant
Card Iron Giant
Win N/A

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