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The party under Invincible status in Final Fantasy VIII.

Invincible, also known as Peerless, is a recurring status effect in the series.



Peerless as seen in Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII

Peerless is a status effect that makes characters immune to all physical and magic attacks for a short time. It also has immunities against MP remove attacks and gaining status ailments. The effect can only be used from Aeris' Limit Breaks, the Planet Protector, or the Great Gospel. Sephiroth perpetually has this status during the Nibelheim flashback sequence.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Invincible is a status effect that makes Zack temporarily immune to all damage. He will still recoil when hit, but his HP will be unaffected. This status is activated by receiving a 777 on the DMW when not in a Modulating Phase or with the Healing Wave Limit Break. This effect lasts 15 seconds.

Final Fantasy VIII

Invincible causes the inflicted character to be immune to all physical and magic attacks, though curative spells and items still work, and targets under this status still lose HP from Poison and from using the Darkside command. It is caused by items such as Hero and Holy War or the Limit Break Invincible Moon.

Final Fantasy X-2

Invincible is a status gained by using the Hero Drink item, which can only be obtained by stealing from Shuyin, or through the ability Excellence, found in the Psychic dressphere in the International version, which requires 120 AP to master and Physics Guard to be mastered beforehand.

Physics Guard, Barrier, Shield, and Magic Guard are somewhat capable of providing Invincible status. Physics Guard and Barrier provides immunity to all physical attacks for the user, while Shield and Magic Guard provides immunity to all magical attacks.

Final Fantasy XI

Invincible is a status effect caused by an ability that can be used by Paladins (once every two hours) to render them immune to physical damage (but not magical damage). Some of the final bosses in mission storylines are also able set this effect at will, alternating it with Magic Shield.

Final Fantasy XII

Although the player characters are unable to achieve the Invincible status, some bosses in the game are able to erect a Paling, Magic Paling, or a combination of both to allow themselves the same luxury.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Invincible can be cast on a character during the final battle. During this battle, a Magicite will appear called ???. Using them can cast random magic, one of them being the ability to make a character immune to all attacks.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Invincible status can only be inflicted on a character in a quests. During a quests, random boxes with question marks will appear to give the characters random positive status like Haste, High Jump, and Invincible.

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