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Invasion of Naboo

32 BBY


32 BBY


Naboo, Eos, Tatooine, and Coruscant

Major battles
"The situation here is not what it seems. There is something else behind all this, Your Highness. There is no logic in the Federation's move here. My feelings tell me they will destroy you."
Qui-Gon Jinn(audio)Listen (file info)

The Invasion of Naboo, also known as the Battle of Naboo, Battle for Naboo,[1] or simply the Naboo Crisis, was a significant galactic conflict that occurred on the planet Naboo in 32 BBY, where the planet's capital city, Theed, and surrounding regions were invaded and occupied by the battle droid forces of the Trade Federation.

The crisis would end with the capture of Viceroy Nute Gunray and the destruction of the main droid control ship. The dire conflict would lead to Senator Palpatine of Naboo taking the seat of Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Senate and rising tensions ultimately leading into the Clone Wars. The events of the Naboo Crisis are often depicted as a prelude to those of the Separatist Crisis.



"I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war."
Padmé Amidala(audio)Listen (file info)

An ever-expanding trading alliance, the Trade Federation, headed by the Neimoidian Viceroy Nute Gunray, would purchase victories in the Galactic Senate with their immense resources. As an independent system, they even had their own senator, Lott Dod, and went so far as to "persuade" the weapons inspectors of the Galactic Republic to ignore the arming of their one-time cargo craft. Secretly, the Federation had converted these shipment vessels into lethal battleships. The modifications were made ostensibly to defend against increasing pirate activity in the Outer Rim Territories.

However, the Republic soon passed legislation calling for the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems. The reason for this was two-fold; it would serve to weaken the growing Federation, and would recoup funds for the ailing Republic. Unfortunately for the Republic, the Trade Federation felt offended, and was determined to strike back.

An invasion force of deadly battle droid soldiers were built in addition to the increasing number of the Federation's disguised warships. They were part of a plot quietly masterminded by Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith, as part of his scheme to establish himself, beneath his public persona of Senator Palpatine, as Supreme Chancellor. Sidious had approached the Federation's Viceroy Nute Gunray and commanded him to use his cheap-and-dangerous army on the prosperous, distant and naïve planet of Naboo, who would fall to the Federation's will without the unsuspecting Republic's immediate aide or sympathy. Five months later, and after procuring the necessary resources on a number of planets, including Alaris Prime[2], Esseles[3], and Eos[4], the Trade Federation blockaded the Mid Rim world.[5]

The Blockade of Naboo

Darth Sidious's first order to the Trade Federation was to make use of their battleships in a practically impenetrable blockade orbiting Naboo. It was a bold move for the usually cowardly Federation, but after bearing witness to the terrifying events that had elevated him to power, Gunray had few doubts as to the Sith Lord's influence.

Trade Federation ship form a blockade around Naboo

Naboo, however, was able to maintain communications with the Republic's center at Coruscant and Naboo's Queen Amidala was able to speak with Senator Palpatine, the Republic's representative for Naboo. Palpatine, of course, was also the unlikely Darth Sidious, controlling the Trade Federation from the shadows.

When Queen Amidala told Palpatine that Naboo was being cut off from the rest of the galaxy, he then spoke with Supreme Chancellor Valorum and the Jedi High Council about resolving the Naboo conflict. Valorum and the Council dispatched two Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, to meet with the Federation Viceroy and ensure the Federation's withdrawal from the system. Soon, however, all communications were broken off as the Federation tightened its grip on the Naboo system. The Viceroy was still acting out Sidious's sinister demands.


Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi go on the offensive.
"Is it in their nature to make us wait this long?"
"No. I sense an unusual amount of fear for something as trivial as this trade dispute"
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn(audio)Listen (file info)

The two Jedi were scheduled to meet with Viceroy Gunray immediately. However, TC-14, the hostess protocol droid, whom they encountered first, promptly informed Gunray, his lieutenant, Settlement Officer Rune Haako, and invasion force Captain Daultay Dofine, that the ambassadors from Coruscant were Jedi.[5]

Terrified at the prospect of facing Jedi, Gunray contacted Sidious and presented the situation. Sidious ordered Gunray to kill the Jedi at once and begin landing his troops on Naboo for an invasion. Gunray then sent toxic gases through the ventilation system to the Jedi in the waiting room, and dispatched a squad of security battle droids just outside the door in case they sensed danger and tried to escape. Jinn and Kenobi proved more than a match for the droids and nearly cut through the blast doors to the bridge before being chased away by the more formidable droidekas.[5]

The Subjugation of Naboo

Although the two Jedi escaped aboard separate landing craft, Gunray continued sending them down, each filled with battle droids and assault vehicles. From their landing areas in the swamps, the invasion force was sent out towards New Centrif, Vis, and Parrlay, in order to disable the communication transmitters and keep the event secret from Coruscant.

Attacks continued on Harte Secur and Spinnaker, the last frontier before spreading to the Naboo capital of Theed.[2] Within hours, the armies had taken Theed, subduing Naboo's small Royal Naboo Security Forces and leaving the planet completely under the control of the Federation.

Nute Gunray himself landed in Theed and assumed control from Queen Amidala's own throne room. However, the two Jedi had survived and reached the Naboo swamps. After having met local Gungan Jar Jar Binks and contacted Boss Rugor Nass, leader of the Gungans, both Jedi Jinn and Kenobi finally made it to Theed. There they found Amidala and her entourage held hostage by battle droids. The Jedi made quick work of the droids and Amidala agreed to return with them to Coruscant, where she could plead before the Senate for help against her planet's cruel and abrupt siege.

However, getting past the Trade Federation blockade proved very difficult and the Queen's ship was barely able to scrape by, its shields having been repaired by astromech droid R2-D2 at the last possible moment.

Duel on Tatooine

Rushing through the desert, Qui-Gon and Anakin Skywalker were confronted by the Sith Lord, Darth Maul. In an intense lighsaber duel, Qui-Gon managed to keep Maul distracted while Skywalker informed the pilot to fly near Qui-Gon to escape from the Sith Lord.


Not willing to surrender to Trade Federation forces without a fight, some of the Royal Naboo Security Forces organized a Resistance move. The most well-known group was the one organized by Captain Kael and Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes. After escaping from Theed they assisted local farmers and rescued a police officer Vedd Deviss, who informed them of a mysterious smuggler located in the mountains. Kael, Gavyn and Vedd soon found out that this smuggler was Borvo the Hutt. After they escorted the Hutt to his base, Borvo joined the Resistance and provided it with starfighters. With the help of Borvo they destroyed the Trade Federation satellite and liberated Naboo slaves. However, Borvo soon revealed himself as a traitor and killed Kael. Lieutenant Sykes then assumed the command and forced the Hutt to retreat to Nal Hutta. With the information from Kol Kotha, Borvo's mercenary, who defected from his former employer, Gavyn liberated the notorious Camp 4.[6]

Nym, member of the Naboo Underground

After breaching the blockade, Bravo pilot Rhys Dallows, along with the pirate Nym, Toydarian Reti, and mercenary Vana Sage, also joined the Resistance. While Reti and Rhys delivered the supplies, Vana and Nym defended one of the Resistance bases against the Trade Federation attack. They also rescued some Naboo prisoners. It is unknown if the Resistance cell that they joined was the same as Kael's and Sykes'.[7]

One resistance group, called "Naboo Underground" and lead by Lucos Dannt included a group of offworld students who were sent to Royal House of Learning prior to the Invasion, some of whom were even Jedi Padawans. The Naboo underground conducted a number of successful operations against the occupying forces, primarily involving weapons theft and liberation of prisoners. In one daring operation, they liberated the Naboo Minister of Culture, Kyu.[8]

Amidala before the Senate

"Honorable representatives of the Republic, I come to you under the gravest of circumstances. The Naboo system has been invaded by the droid armies of the Trade..."
"I object! There is no proof! This is incredible. We recommend a commission be sent to Naboo to ascertain the truth.
Queen Amidala and Senator Lott Dod(audio)Listen (file info)
Amidala and Palpatine before the Galactic Senate.

After a brief layover on Tatooine due to the engine-damage caused by Federation laser fire, the Jedi and Queen Amidala arrived on Coruscant to speak with Senator Palpatine and Chancellor Valorum.

On Coruscant, Amidala was kidnapped by Coruscant mercenaries hired by the Trade Federation, and was taken to the Coruscant underworld, but was freed by Captain Panaka and was escorted by him to Palpatine, but not before he had to kill the mercenary leader himself.

In a special meeting of the Senate, Amidala herself spoke before the thousands of Galactic delegates. Her pleas were instantly accused of being lies and baseless accusations by the Senator of the Trade Federation, Lott Dod, who recommended appointing a commission to ascertain the truth. Senator Aks Moe of Malastare agreed with Dod. The blatant corruption of the Senate dismayed Amidala, shaking her faith in its ability to govern.

At the behest of Palpatine, Amidala shocked the Senate by moving for a vote-of-no-confidence in the leadership of Chancellor Valorum. Although she was reluctant to make the motion, it was taken up enthusiastically by the Senators. Within hours, Palpatine was named one of the nominees to succeed Valorum and promised to clean up the rampant corruption.[5] Against Palpatine's requests, Amidala returned to Naboo, deciding that her fate belonged with that of her people.[5]The Senate's decision on a new chancellor would preoccupy and only delay the Senate in assisting Amidala. Now, she had to take the defenseless Naboo's matters into her own hands. No one could do it better than a queen.

The battle for freedom

"Now Viceroy, we will discuss a new treaty."
Padmé Amidala(audio)Listen (file info)
Obi-Wan, Padmé, Qui-Gon, and Anakin enter the Theed Hangar.

Amidala and the Jedi formulated a plan to capture Viceroy Gunray in Theed, thus taking back the planet. With the aid of Jar Jar Binks, an alliance was formed with the proud Boss Nass and the Gungans, and Captain Panaka organized together all Resistance cells.

The Gungan Grand Army would engage the droid army of the Federation in open combat while the Queen and the Jedi would quietly infiltrate the palace in Theed with the remainder of the Royal Security forces to capture the Viceroy. The small number of pilots in the Naboo security forces would fly into space and attempt to destroy the only battleship still in orbit: the Droid Control Ship, where all the battle droids were controlled from a single computer brain.[5]

The plan began as intended, but the entire dynamic of the situation changed with the arrival of Darth Maul, apprentice to Darth Sidious. Jinn and Kenobi recognized immediately that there was more going on than an economic dispute. The two Jedi engaged Maul in battle while the queen led a raid into the throne room. Soon enough, Amidala and her Security Captain Panaka successfully captured both Gunray and Rune Haako. Maul led Jinn and Kenobi through the hangar and into Theed's power generator complex. Soon enough, Maul managed to kick Kenobi, who fell several stories below. Jinn was then able to punch Maul in the face who also fell. Jinn jumped down after him, but the Sith Lord managed to get up. Hitting Qui-Gon to get himself up, Maul moved back, surprised with Jinn's stamina. They moved down the catwalk near a laser shield room.

Meanwhile, Kenobi was able to jump up on the catwalk Jinn and Maul were on, and ran to help Jinn. But Jinn, Kenobi and Maul were stuck behind the laser shields. Maul walked up and down slowly looking at Jinn. The walls shut down, Kenobi ran, and Jinn jumped up and battled Maul once again. At the melting pit, Maul battled the Jedi and mortally wounded Qui-Gon. He then had to face Kenobi. The wall once again shut down and Kenobi was left to face Maul, alone. Maul managed to kick Kenobi into the pit, but Kenobi grabbed hold onto a nozzle which was jutting out a little below Maul. The Sith Lord then kicked Kenobi's lightsaber into the bottomless shaft, past the still hanging Jedi. Calling his master's lightsaber to him, Kenobi jumped and cut through the Sith Lord's waist. Maul then fell into the shaft, slowly melting in the process. The droid army, however, was still active, until the control ship was miraculously destroyed by an unexpected participant in the day's events: young Anakin Skywalker.

Amidala "discusses" (using aggressive negotiations) a new treaty with Gunray.

With the defeat of the Trade Federation and the deactivation of its mechanical army, the Invasion was over. Peace and order were restored, as were positive relations between the Gungans and the people of Naboo. Following Jinn's death, the Jedi Council appointed Kenobi to knighthood, whereupon he accepted young Skywalker as his Padawan learner. Also following the battle was the election of Palpatine as Supreme Chancellor, and he promised to bring Gunray and his lieutenants to justice and end the corruption of the Senate.

However, after four trials in the Supreme Court, Gunray would remain Viceroy of the Trade Federation.

It would be nearly thirteen years before the true reasons for the Invasion were revealed. The Clone Wars would show how influential the Invasion of Naboo had really been on the galaxy.


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Assimilation of Onderon


Battle over Sluis Van

Invasion of Naboo

Conquest of the Death Watch


18 ABY



  • Imperial Remnant takes control of Naboo.
  • The New Republic fails to learn of the invasion.
  • Theta learns of the location of an experimental hyperdrive.
  • The Death Watch prepare to attack Sluis Van.

Death Watch and Imperial Remnant

Naboo Military Force


Theta and Gilad Pallaeon

Queen of Naboo

  • 2550 Death Watch Soldiers
  • 3000 Imperial Troops

7000 Troops


833 combined troops

1750 Troops

The Invasion on Naboo was the third major battle in the Conquest of the Death Watch in 18 ABY. With the help of the Imperial Remnant, the Death Watch were able to invade the planet without any Republic interference. With the foothold they needed to begin fighting, the Imperial Remnant again paid Theta and his army for their work. However, Theta learned of the location of an experimental hyperdrive and also found out that an old opponent of his, Echon Tarkin, was there as well. He quickly ordered an attack on its secret location, an orbital platform, Entrench Station, above Sluis Van.

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