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Star Trek: Invasion
Series: Star Trek
Writer(s): James Swallow
Production information
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Warthog Studios
Platform(s): Playstation
Published: 2000
You may also be looking for the series of novels, Star Trek: Invasion!.



The game is set shortly after the end of the Dominion War on Stardate 54111.79 where Ryan Cooper, a recent graduated ensign from Red Squad is assigned to the USS Typhon under the command of Lieutenant Commander Worf. During their mission on the prototype starship, they uncover a series of plots by various powers that wish to destabilize that region of space. But more unsettling are reports of attack by unknown vessels along the Romulan Neutral Zone.


In the game, the player pilots the new Valkyrie class fighters and must combat a wide range of opponents. From rogue elements of the broken Cardassian Obsidian Order to Romulan attacks to Borg incursions into Klingon territory. As the game unfolds, it is eventually discovered that a new menace has awakened along the Neutral Zone known as the Kam'Jahtae who plan an invasion of known space. It is the players mission to stop this menace before it is too late.

As the player progresses through the game, certain revelations are made about this new enemy. One of which is that they are far older then they appear to be and it is discovered that they are actually the ancient progenitors of the Hur'q species that terrorised the Klingon race before they reached the stars. The aliens had been asleep for generations and now wish to reclaim territory they once possessed.









States and Organizations



Related Stories




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DC Comics

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Invasion! (Collected)

First appearance
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Invasion! was a massive crossover event in the DC Universe published in 1989, plotted by Keith Giffen. It features a massive Alien Alliance led by the war-like Dominators and Khunds intent on wiping out humanity to destroy all of Earth's metahumans. This all-out assault on superheroes led to a war consuming the entire world, and ramifications throughout the universe. The story was primarily published in three core issues, with tie-ins appearing in all regular monthly titles at the time.


After extensive research, a coalition of super-scientist Dominators and their warlike allies the Khunds determine that humanity poses a threat to the rest of the universe. Although most other alien species are rather consistent and predictable, the amount of genetic diversity present in the human race has made them too powerful to allow continued existence. There is a strand in human DNA called the "meta-gene" that allows them to develop extraordinary powers under duress, and become superheroes, whose presence must be eradicated before it becomes unstoppable. An Alien Alliance is formed from many prominent civilizations on a number of worlds, all of whom agree that the metahuman threat must be wiped out. Dissenters are imprisoned in a great Starlag. Assembling a fleet of hundreds of warships, the Alliance travels to Earth and makes their message clear in a great invasion. All superheroes must be surrendered to them peacefully, or the nations of the world will be completely obliterated in the struggle to take them forcefully. United Nations representatives from across the world meet to deliberate on the Crisis, and never have they all agreed so forcefully or spoken with such a singular voice. They tell the aliens to drop dead.[1]

In the First Strike, war rages across the world as heroes and villains alike fight to protect their homeland. Facing global genocide, many of the warriors are forced into a more serious and deadly arena of combat than ever before. Finally, a summit is held coordinating Earth's superhuman forces. Captain Atom is the commander of all metahuman forces, Amanda Waller is in charge of intelligence and coordinating supervillains, Wade Eiling is placed in charge of the military and Maxwell Lord acts as official liaison to Justice League International. The tides turn in favor of the heroes, as this rallying point gets them organized enough to start kicking ass and hitting where it hurts. Rioting at Starlag led by Vril Dox and the Omega Men overthrows the guards at the cost of many casualties. Realizing that they are on the wrong side of the war, the Daxamites ally with earth command and turn on their collaborators, leading to a complete victory. It is a day of great triumph for our planet, as for once the many nations of the world were able to put aside their differences and unite against an external threat.[2]


Meta-Gene explanation

The largest effect that Invasion! had on the DC Universe was the introduction of the concept of metahumans. There is a genetic trait that allows for the development of superpowers should something activate it. This explanation for why so many people are imbued with superpowers is now commonplace, used for many characters both good and evil. It has become the standard explanation. This has also led to a good deal of retconning origin stories. Many characters have been found to possess the meta-gene since then, which often adds a layer of credibility to otherwise dubious origin stories, even for comic books. For example, the Flash supposedly gained powers when he was hit by chemicals and a bolt of lightning. Revised origins would indicate that these chemicals did not give him his abilities, but rather helped him unlock recessive powers that were already there.

Another massive retcon is established for the Legion of Super-Heroes mythos. The many races that make up the United Planets are often criticized as being too human-like to prevent a realistic view of alien diversity. Despite the fact that they are supposed to be different species, almost all of them look and act exactly like humans but with the addition of a single superpower. It is revealed that this is because they are all descended from humans. Some months after the Crisis, Valor discovers that Dominators are still abducting humans and conducting experiments. After rescuing a large population of metahumans, they decide that the best path would be to go out and colonize new worlds instead of continue leading the invaders back to their home planet. As such, a large number of people with ice powers build new homes on Tharr, future home of Polar Boy, and so on. Many aliens in the time of the Legion are really metahumans after a millennium of breeding, which explains a lot.[3]

Doom Patrol was rebooted by the crisis. Grant Morrison was coming onto the ongoing title, and previous writer Paul Kupperberg agreed to bring the line-up along towards only the characters he wanted to use. Many of the existing teammates had to be gotten rid of. Celsius died in the fighting, Karma left shortly prior to avoid incarceration, Lodestone fell into a coma, Negative Woman lost her powers, and Scott Fischer succumbs to his cancer. Morrison's run starts in the immediate aftermath with the Crawling from the Wreckage storyline, and would go on to be considered one of the best in the team's history.[4]

The L.E.G.I.O.N. was borne entirely from the invasion. Silver Age character Brainiac 2[5] was taken from obscurity and updated as an adult. He teams up with a number of other Starlag prisoners, including the Durlan, Garryn Bek, Lyrissa Mallor and Strata to form an intergalactic police force. This team has a lot of connections to the future Legion of Super-Heroes by lineage and by theme.

Blasters were another team specifically designed to come out of the story. A group of metahumans from all over the world brought together by common origins... the death gauntlet used for research by the Dominators. They included Crackpot, Dust Devil, Frag, Jolt, Looking Glass, and the Justice League's old sidekick Snapper Carr. They formed their own team that would go on to further adventures, and also picked up an alien named Churljenkins who became Snapper's girlfriend, a rogue Dominator named Gunther, and Dust Devil's overprotective mother Mrs. Levy.[6]



The primary storyline was told throughout the eponymous miniseries Invasion! which consisted of three issues each of which were 80-Page Giants. This provides the backbone for the event with all of the important plot points, and can be read alone in its entirety to understand the story. The crossovers function as further insight into the story, providing a more detailed look at the actions of the individual characters and teams during the Crisis. Tie-in stories were divided into First Strike and Aftermath.

Core Issues

First Strike

Following the actual physical invasion that took place after the first issue, these stories strictly took place in between Invasion! #1 and Invasion! #2, providing a look at how heroes around the world were dealing with the Alien Alliance individually and in small groups before they actually got organized. These are the stories that the event is primarily known for, featuring the actual war themselves. Most of them end with the cease-fire, and the super-hero summit.

First Strike


These issues take place between Invasion! #2 and Invasion! #3 dealing with fallout from the main battle against the aliens. Although the heroes had recently made their victory, which appeared final at the time... they would still face the last ditch efforts of the Gene Bomb meant to completely decimate them. Aftermath tie-ins cleared up loose ends in the storyline before moving on to the conclusion of the event in the core issues. Interestingly, they still take place right after the technical middle of the story.




Items: None known.
Weapons: * Gene Bomb


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Invasion! Crossover
The events from this issue or series are related to Invasion!, during which an Alien Alliance led by the hostile super-scientist Dominators invades the Earth in an attempt to exterminate humanity. They wish to eliminate the metagene, for fear that the unpredictable nature of earthlings could destroy them in the future.
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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

CCW Invasion
Promotion CCW
Brand(s) CCW Retribution
CCW Salvation
NWA Alumni
WCW Alumni
WWA Alumni
WWE Alumni
Date May 31, 2008
Venue Reliant Stadium
City Houston, Texas
Pay-per-view chronology
CCW Invasion
Invasion chronology
{{{lastevent2}}} CCW Invasion {{{nextevent2}}}

Invasion (also capitalized InVasion) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by the Christian Championship Wrestling (CCW). It took place on May 31, 2008 at the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. The official theme song was "The Fight Song" by Marilyn Manson.

Invasion was the first pay-per-view to feature the ongoing Invasion storyline, which featured wrestlers from the CCW taking on a combined force of wrestlers from National Wrestling Alliance, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), World Wrestling All-Stars, and World Wrestling Entertainment, later known as The Alliance. The event featured CCW wrestlers facing NWA, WCW, WWA, and WWE wrestlers. The main event, dubbed the "Inaugural Brawl," was a battle royal match between Team CCW and Team WCW/WWE/WWA/NWA.




It started on January 8, 2008 when Christian Championship Wrestling bought American Wrestling Alliance and Global Wrestling Alliance away from the monopolizing National Wrestling Alliance and their merging companies. Maximillion Pegasus, who owned National Wrestling Alliance and World Wrestling All-Stars with a work agreement with World Championship Wrestling, began attacking Christian Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment simultaneously. Around the end of March of 2008, World Wrestling Entertainment and Christian Championship Wrestling made an agreement that they would stick together as long as they not interfered with each others work related issues. By mid April, World Wrestling Entertainment turned on Christian Championship Wrestling on a wrong information that Maximillion Pegasus gave to the WWE. By mid May, Christian Championship Wrestling issued a challenge to Maximillion and crew into a battle royal on May 31, 2008 in Houston with the winner taking control over the losing teams. Maximillion did not think twice about it and agreed to the terms.



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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the act of invading. You may be looking for the comic Star Wars: Invasion.

Invasion was the third stage in a planetary assault operation. Naval strategist Michael Unther argued that, while this stage which covered the ground battle for control of the planet was not the responsibility of the commander of the invasion fleet, it was a good idea to have some insight into this phase after all.

There were certain situations where the fleet could be called for to perform certain tasks such as taking out planetary shield generators, bombarding the planet into submission. Here, it was important to know which targets to destroy, like military targets, and which targets to avoid, like hospitals. The fleet could also be asked to clear landing zones; the density and nature of the bombardment depended on the units to be landed.


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From TibiaWiki

If you are caught in a raid, and are not prepared, or you are too low of experience level to survive, you should head to the nearest Protection Zone (Temple, Ship, House, etc.) or go up/down one level.

Tibia is a very dangerous place, with many different creatures living in only marginal cooperation with each other. Sometimes creatures will execute a raid on a nearby town or city. There is usually very little warning before a raid occurs. If monsters are not killed, they will stay until next Server Save.



City Raids

Ab'Dendriel Raids
Ankrahmun Raids
Carlin Raids - Including Femor Hills
Darashia Raids
Edron Raids - Including Cormaya
Farmine Raids - Including Zao
Kazordoon Raids
Liberty Bay Raids - Including the Forbidden Islands
Port Hope Raids
Svargrond Raids - Including the Formorgar Mines
Thais Raids - Including Thais Lighthouse
Venore Raids
Yalahar Raids

Rookgard Raids

Rookgaard Raids

Hunting Area Raids

Plains of Havoc Raids

Grynch Clan Goblin Invasion

The Grynch Clan Goblin raid is a special raid that happens on Christmas. They drop a nice amount of loot, and therefore many people look forward to this kind of raid. It can happen on any major city.

  • Warnings:
  1. "Goblins of the infamous Grynch Clan are invading city to steal all presents, beware!"
  2. "The Goblins sometimes have stolen presents with them! Confiscate them!"
  3. "Return the stolen presents to Ruprecht on Vega at Santa's home for a reward."


  1. "Goblins of the infamous Grynch Clan are invading city to steal all presents, beware!"
  2. "Confiscate the stolen presents and return them to Ruprecht on Vega at Santa's home for a reward."

Creatures from Grynch Clan Goblin Invasion on city

Name Image:Trans.gif Exp HP sum/con Loot
Grynch Clan Goblin Image:Grynch Clan Goblin.gif 4 80 --/-- 0-22 gp, Present Bag, 0-5 Snowballs, 0-3 Lump of Cake Dough, 0-3 Oranges, 0-5 Cookies, 0-4 Cherries, 0-3 Apples, 0-2 Eggs (semi-rare), 0-3 Candy Canes (semi-rare), Cream Cake (semi-rare), Lute (semi-rare), Blank Rune (semi-rare), Magic Light Wand (semi-rare), Landscape Picture (semi-rare), Bronze Amulet (semi-rare), Scroll (semi-rare), 0-2 Gingerbreadman (semi rare), Scarf (semi-rare), 0-5 Chicken Feathers (semi-rare), 0-3 Bat Wings (semi-rare), Honeycomb (semi-rare), Explorer Brooch (semi-rare), 0-5 Walnuts (semi-rare), 0-5 Peanuts (rare), Valentine's Cake (rare), Watch (rare), Broom (rare), Piggy Bank (rare), Dice (rare), Mirror (rare), various Pillows (rare), Flower Bowl (rare), Bottle (rare), Scarab Coin (rare), Snowman Package (rare), 0-2 Orichalcum Pearl (rare), Crystal Coin (very rare), Elvenhair Rope (very rare), Vampire Shield (very rare)

Special Items

Name Attributes Weight Dropped By
Present Bag 80.00 oz Grynch Clan Goblins on the Santa Event.

Undead Jester Invasion

The Undead Jester raids appear in any city of Tibia as part of the 'April Month of Pranks' event by CipSoft. They first started on 1st April 2008. It takes all the April month. From 2009 Undead Jester can drop some new items, such as parts of the Jester Doll.

  • Warnings:
  1. Oh no! <city> beware! All bad entertainers are returning from their graves to haunt their audience once again!

Creatures from Undead Jesters on city

Name Image:Trans.gif Exp HP sum/con Loot
Undead Jester Image:Undead Jester.gif 5 355 --/-- Fish, Bar of Chocolate, Spellwand, Supersoft Pillow, Suspicious Surprise Bag, Red Piece of Cloth, Yellow Piece of Cloth, White Piece of Cloth, Green Piece of Cloth, Blue Piece of Cloth, Brown Piece of Cloth, The Head of a Jester Doll, Part of a Jester Doll (Right Leg), Part of a Jester Doll (Left Leg), Part of a Jester Doll (Right Arm), Part of a Jester Doll (Left Arm), The Torso of a Jester Doll, Piggy Bank, Toy Mouse, Green Perch, Rainbow Trout, Marlin, Ice Cream Cone (Blue-Barian).

Dryad Invasion

The Dryad Invasions appeared in June 2008 for the first time. Dryads are female tree-spirits. They only invade during June - the Month of Flowers.

  • Warnings:

1. Dryads have returned to protect the forest north of Edron.
Dryads invade the forests north of Edron.

2. Dryads have returned to protect the northern forests.
Dryads invade the forests north east of Carlin.

3. Dryads have returned to protect the jungle of Tiquanda.
Dryads invade the deepest jungle areas of Tiquanda.

Creatures from Dryad Raid on city

Name Image:Trans.gif Exp HP sum/con Loot
Dryad Image:Dryad.gif 190 310 --/-- 0-30 gp, 0-2 White Mushroom, 0-3 Seeds (semi-rare), Flower Dress (semi-rare), Flower Wreath (semi-rare), Leaf Legs (semi-rare), Coconut Shoes (semi-rare) Small Amethyst (rare), 0-2 Orange Mushrooms (rare).

See also: Events

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