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Into the Pitt
(The Pitt add-on)

location: The Pitt
given by: Wernher
reward: 100XP
leads to: Unsafe Working Conditions
related: Free Labor
base id: xx00108c
Into the Pitt

requirements: Complete Into the Pitt
gamerscore: 20
trophy type: Silver

Into the Pitt is a Fallout 3 quest and achievement that is added to the game in The Pitt add-on. The quest starts with the Lone Wanderer being contacted by a mysterious person...




Investigate the distress call

When The Pitt first loads, the player will be informed of a new radio distress signal from a runaway slave named Wernher, who informs the Lone Wanderer that he needs help in retrieving a cure for the mutations plaguing the town developed by The Pitt's raider boss, Ashur.

The signal emanates from the Radio Tower far to the north of the Capital Wasteland. It's a long walk from anywhere, but the closest map marker to fast travel to is SatCom Array NN-03d. Once the player arrives, Wernher will be under attack by a few Pitt Raiders. After helping him dispatch his foes, Wernher will tell the player his story and where to go. He tells the player there is a Train Tunnel to the west, and he will meet up with him or her there.

Obtain a slave outfit

Wernher suggests the player obtain a slave outfit from the slavers camping outside the Train Tunnel to ease gaining access to the Pitt. Upon heading west, there is indeed a Train Tunnel, as well as about four Slavers led by Ramsey and a couple of Pitt Slaves in a slave pen. Getting hold of a slave outfit can either be accomplished by buying the slaves or killing the slavers; there are 2 slave outfits in the slave pen, one on a dead slave and one on Prosper which can be acquired by threatening him. After entering the Train Tunnel, the player must activate a hand cart to travel to the Pitt. Followers must be left behind.

Arriving at the trainyard

Upon arrival at the Trainyard, Wernher will tell the player to hang back while he "does the talking", and walks over to a Pitt Raider standing guard. Werhner's diplomacy eventually becomes that of the shotgun variety, and the player must intervene once again. The trainyard has several Pitt Raiders firing from elevated positions, so an accurate rifle is handy.

After the firefight, Wernher will walk to the northwestern exit of the Trainyard and tell the player he cannot proceed any further. He will then tell the player that the guards will confiscate the player's inventory upon entering, and to find a slave named Midea. The player can inquire about concealing a small weapon: Wernher will agree and hand over either a knife (a Switchblade), or a small gun (a .32 Pistol). Note that the player doesn't actually receive their weapon immediately.

Into the Pitt

After exiting the trainyard, the player should be wary of the gutted building on the left side of the path. There are hostile Wildmen inside it. It is possible to sneak past the entire building, but if detected, the player will be caught in the open.

North of the building is The Pitt Bridge. The bridge is gridlocked with various vehicles, and even worse, mine-ridden. Failing to disarm a mine and letting it detonate can catch the player in a huge chain reaction explosion. The player should cross the bridge carefully, preferably in sneak mode to check for mines and avoid the eyes of a Pitt Raider with a Sniper Rifle. The ledge the sniper resides on is accessible from the ground by means of a gravity-defying ramp along the bridge's main cable. It is worth noting that the water in the river is irradiated to lethal levels, often in the hundreds of radiation units per second.

After finishing the harrowing trek, the player will reach a right-turn on a street. This is where a familiar scene from the Pitt trailer plays out: a few runaway slaves will run by, only to be blown to pieces by mines. This is a good place to get a slave outfit. At the end of the road is a roadblock.

Gain entrance

If the player decides to kill the gate guards (Mex and three other Slavers), he or she will be incapacitated by four Pitt Raiders with Police Batons upon entering Downtown. A humourous scene unfolds as the player's vision fades to black and the Slavers squabble over the player's gear. If the player asked Werhner for a concealable weapon, he or she will receive it now.

If the player instead pretends to be a slave, Mex will believe that the Lone Wanderer is a slave who was unable to cross the bridge. He will confiscate all the player's gear (except the previously mentioned concealed weapon) and then tell the player to get back to work. The player is not attacked upon entering Downtown when taking this route.

The player can also tell Mex that he or she would like to become a slaver, Mex lies to you and tells you they are hiring. Upon entering you are incapacitated much like above.


  • If the player chose to smuggle a weapon, it will be added to the player's inventory in the misc section as a "concealed switchblade" or "concealed pistol". After the guard takes all of the player's gear, the smuggled weapon then moves into the weapon section of the player's inventory and can be equipped.
  • It is possible to get in the slave pen by jumping in from the rocks above. Upon falling in, the slavers will notice the player and attack. The gate will also be unlocked.
  • The key to the slave pen can be found on Ramsey. The player can steal it from him and then open the gate. If so, the slavers will turn hostile.
  • The player can get the slave outfit without entering the cage and without talking to anyone near the Train Tunnel. The method is to reverse pickpocket a Talon Armor (or possibly another set of armor) on one of the two unnamed slaves through the fence, then fast travel to a different place, and fast travel back. The player will see the slave wearing the armor. The player can steal the outfit through the fence. Wernher will arrive and you will be able to progress through the quest.
    • If the player has used the above method and has stolen the slave outfit, he can still talk to Ramsey right after this, and give him the money to free the slaves. If he does so, he will interact with Prosper as if no progress has previously occurred. The player can acquire four slave outfits this way: two through reverse pickpocketing armors on unnamed slaves, one given to the player by Prosper, and one from the dead slave.
  • After having his/her items removed upon speaking to Mex, if the player attempts to activate the locked safe to the right of the entrance to Downtown (requires key). Mex will enjoy making fun of the player and expressing how "he found it...and its mine".
  • Even if the player has been able to disarm the mines that kill the three runaway slaves at the end of the The Pitt Bridge, they will still be killed by scripted explosions. Resurrecting the runaway slaves on the PC version with console commands will result in them dying again by the scripted explosions.
  • If you have killed the slavers in Paradise Falls, you will not be able to speak to the slavers in the camp. Ramsey will announce "Hey, I recognize you. You're the one who shot up Paradise Falls!" and the squad will open fire.
  • Jumping from the bridge ends in a mid-air death due to radiation. This was most likely just a border Bethesda put so the PC could not access the area around the bridge, other than what was intended.
  • If the player finds the train tunnel and buys the slaves or kills the slavers and frees the slaves prior to speaking to Werhner, Prosper will then be found at the entrance to Vault 101, after Werhner asks you to find slaves clothing. The dead slave disappears. (Confirmed Xbox 360 & PS3) Prosper, regardless, will go to the area outside of Vault 101 after being set free, but his dialogue will be the same as when he was set free.
  • Being a slaver for Paradise Falls, even if all of the VIPs are enslaved, has no effect on the dialogue options or quest line. You will be made into a slave regardless.
  • Quest Items (Ex. Cryptomatic spectacles, Card catalogue holotape, Slave Collar, ect.) will not be removed from your inventory upon entering The Pitt, because they are marked as unremovable.
  • Alien guns such as the alien blaster, Firelance and any guns from Mothership Zeda will be taken and not returned. So it is best to leave them at your megaton house.


  • If you choose to use a slave disguise, have it in your inventory, but don't put it on by the time you cross the bridge and one of the Raiders says that 'one of the slaves came back', the game will freeze. (confirmed on Xbox 360)
  • If the radio signal which leads to the quest doesn't appear, use the "setstage" console command and set the queststage to "10". Example: setstage xx00108c 10 - the first 2 digits "xx" depend on your installed mods: see here.
  • Once you have been stripped of your equipment by Mex, it is possible to pickpocket a pistol and ammo from him. When you head into Downtown however, the gun dissapears from your inventory.
  • Sometimes, the mines on the bridge will not make a sound before they explode. This causes many an unexpected death. (Confirmed on Xbox 360 x 2)
  • Occasionally, you may be unable to disarm some or all of the mines on the bridge.
  • The dead slave body may not appear at the beginning of Into The Pitt and thus, in order to continue, you will have to get the clothes off Prosper (Confirmed on Xbox 360 and on PC). This can sometimes be fixed on PC by exiting the game and reloading again.
  • Once the player releases the slaves in the cage you can keep talking to the Prosper (be sure not to demand his clothing in any of the dialogue) for infinite good karma.
  • If you attempt to cause the explosion of vehicles on the bridge yourself, the game may freeze (Xbox 360).
  • If you have a Drone Cannon confiscated from you when you enter The Pitt, it is possible that when you get it back, parts of the weapon become invisible when equipped. The weapon still works as normal. (Xbox 360)
  • Once Wernher has killed the first Pitt Raider after arriving at The Pitt, he may still continue to fire at the dead body of that Pitt Raider, even after some time, like after all the other Raiders are dead (Confirmed PS3, PC and Xbox 360)
  • If you store the bulk of your inventory in a metal box in the slaver camp beforehand, the slavers, the box, and all its contents will have permanently disappeared. (confirmed on PC)
  • You can survive jumping off the bridge by pulling out a weapon and switching to the third person view, however you still die because the water is highly irradiated(just like near Vault 87) in a matter of seconds. (Xbox360)

Behind the scenes

  • When asking the slave for his clothes one of the lines is a reference to The Terminator. Specifically, where your character says " Your clothes. Give them to me. Now."
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