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Into the Fire is the seventh episode of the second season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



The Federation and its Allies are ready to go on the offensive. The target: the Chin'toka system, a stepping stone to Cardassia itself. Task Force 59 joins the fleet for battle but when they get to the system a new weapon is brought online, risking the success of the mission.

Memorable quotes

"Rarely is life what we expected, Captain. Otherwise it would not be life."
— Vedek Solin to Captain Masters.
"I could get Worf to organise your bachelor party. According to Julian it’s an experience…"
Jadzia Dax teasing Masters.
"They’re powering up!"
"Not good."
Whitechapel makes the understatement of the battle when Letac informs the crew the Orbital weapon platforms are coming online.
"I always thought it would be you coming to my funeral, Jadzia. I just never expected you to die, especially not like this. I’m glad that you found true happiness before the end, but the universe is too cruel to let us mortals enjoy true happiness for long. I never really got to thank you for all you did for me. I truly appreciate what you have done for me, I just wish that I could have done something for you before…but it’s too late now. I’ll miss you. Wherever you are right now Jadzia I hope you can hear me. Thank you."
— Masters' final goodbye to Jadzia.

Background information

  • This story shows the First Battle of Chin'toka from the perspective of the USS Swiftfire.
  • The events from the "The True" are referenced at the beginning of the story.


Bailey, Autumn; Chin'toka system; Collins, Jase; Daley, Rachel; Dax, Jadzia; First Battle of Chin'toka; Normandy-class; USS Olympia; Orb experience; Orb of Time; Orbital weapon platform; USS Sherman; Solin; Task Force 59

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