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The Decepticon Civil War ends as Megatron and Shockwave battle for the last time.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 277
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Marvel UK issue #277

Writer: Simon Furman
Pencils: Simon Coleby
Inks: Michael Eve
Lettering: Stuart Bartlett

  • Originally published: 30th June 1990. Cover date ("off sale") 7th July 1990.


Megatron has discovered that Shockwave is undertaking a mission at Memphis Airport Bugged! and the two Decepticon leaders fight whilst the humans cancel planes and start betting on the outcome. From the skies Starscream observes what is going on and is pleased. He then notes that as "a law-abiding citizen" he must report it.

The Autobots receive an anonymous message about the fight and put together a force, but Grimlock and Prowl are both uneasy, suspecting a set-up.

At Megatron's base in Louisiana, Soundwave has brought all the Decepticons outside to meet Starscream. The two second-in-commands explain that they feel it is essential to take matters in their own hands and reunite the Decepticons under their joint leadership. Soundwave thinks to himself that he has no choice because otherwise Starscream would have exposed him as a double agent Secrets but the plan suits him. Each plans to doublecross and destroy the other.

Back in Memphis, the Autobots arrive. Megatron and Shockwave each radios for reinforcements only to learn that they have been deposed. As the two Decepticons flee Shockwave proposes an alliance to destroy their usurpers, to which Megatron agrees.


"'That's the trouble with being a Decepticon - you never know who to trust!"

Megatron on his race's flaws.


  • Megatron's base has changed from a giant metal insect into some chimneys.

Items of note

  • The Autobots apparently lack a system for monitoring Earth media reports and are instead reliant on phone tip-offs.


  • This story was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Fallen Star".

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