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Interference: Book Two (Hour of the Geek)
Series: Doctor Who -
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 26
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companions: Sam Jones, Fitz Kreiner
Enemy: The Faction Paradox
The Remote
Setting: England, 1996
Saudi Arabia, 1996
Anathema, 1996
Anathema, 1799-1801
Author: Lawrence Miles
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: August, 1999
Format: Paperback Book, 314 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0 563 55582 3
Previous Story: Interference - Book One
Following Story: The Blue Angel


Publisher's Summary

They call it the Dead Frontier. It’s as far from home as the human race ever went, the planet where mankind dumped the waste of its thousand-year empire and left its culture out in the sun to rot.

But while one Doctor faces both his past and his future on the Frontier, another finds himself on Earth in 1996, where the seeds of the empire are only just being sown. The past is meeting the present, cause is meeting effect, and the TARDIS crew is about to be caught in the crossfire.

The Third Doctor. The Eighth Doctor. Sam. Fitz. Sarah Jane Smith. Soon, one of them will be dead; one of them will belong to the enemy; and one of them will be something less than human...



What Happened on Earth (Part Two)

  • The Doctor spends 10 days in a Saudi prison.
  • After being tortured and returning to the TARDIS the Doctor goes through the wardrobe room, though unable to find a coat like his old one wears a big grey loose-fitting leather overcoat.
  • Gets a new jacket somewhere during April 1963.
  • Gets put in the Media.
  • It has been four years since she first encountered the Faction Paradox.
  • Spends some time with Sarah swapping companion stories.
  • Sarah's memories of the Doctor are a bit fuzzy, though she keeps getting her Krynoids mixed up with her Pescatons.
  • The Doctor bought Sarah her stuffed owl at a jumble sale in Brighton in 1948.
  • Sarah can't remember the Doctor's regeneration properly.
  • Sarah isn't sure if she was on Dust.
  • When Sarah started travelling with the Doctor he gave her an injection a 'universal vaccine'.
  • Sarah reflects on the two incidents where she met the Doctor (or the things related to the Doctor) in 1983 and 1995.
  • Is made out of a ZX-81.
  • Kode smokes [[[cigarette]]s while on Earth but isn't quite sure why.
  • Swears by saying "Spack" at one point.
  • Says "Obviously" a lot.
  • Guest
Guest was Nathaniel Guest when he was originally a colonist on Ordifica.
  • Used to crack her knuckles.
  • Gave Fitz the nickname "code-boy".

What Happened on Dust (Part Two)

  • Is shot by Magdelana Bishop and regenerates on Dust.
  • Is infected by the Faction Paradox's virus.
  • Magdelana Bishop
  • His favourite planet is Mars.
  • Learnt how to catch a bullet with his teeth.
  • Is blind, but can see.
  • Is who Fitz Kreiner became after a century (or more) with the Faction Paradox and The Remote.
  • Has his arm 'bitten' off by Number Thirteen.
  • Has a glove made of dwarf star alloy.



  • Kode reads Genetic Politics Beyond the Thirdzone while in the TARDIS.
  • Sarah finds a magazine in the TARDIS called House and TARDIS which she was relatively sure the TARDIS was translating for her. Like the TARDIS the magazine is bigger on the inside.
  • The Doctor tries to read The Time Machine once a regeneration.

The Doctor

  • When the Doctor was younger some of his friends learnt the skill of internal chronometry; being able to tell time to the nanosecond, without the need for any kind of measuring device. [2] This was a skill the Doctor never really learnt.

The Doctor's TARDIS

  • The Doctor has an S-reg Mini Metro to replace his Volkswagen Beetle in the TARDIS.
  • The Doctor once claimed to Sarah the TARDIS had a pretend self-destruct system.
  • There is a door control on the console for the TARDIS outer doors on the console (in the Eighth Doctor's TARDIS).
  • For the TARDIS to translate for Sarah she just needs to be within the vicinity of it and know that it's there. It can translate writing as well as speech.

Faction Paradox

  • The Justinian was the ship that originally brought the first settlers to Ordifica, it was used by the Faction Paradox to take them away from the colony prior to its destruction by the High Council.
Laura Tobin, Guest and Fitz Kreiner were all together on this ship
  • The Justinian is sent via a time jump to the late 18th century, Anathema; 1799
  • The Faction Paradox leaves biosphere manipulation technology with the Remote in 1799.
  • A Faction Warship (created from the body of a Dæmon) travels to the planet Dust to deliver the Faction virus and watch as events unfold there.


  • Gallifrey has the same orbit cycle as Earth.
  • The Seal of Rassilon is an omniscate.
  • The Seal of Rassilon is the shape it is because (according to Compassion): "The pattern has a kind of... I don't know. A kind of negative effect on some of the species from outside this universe. Something to do with the way their neurosystems work."[3]

Gallifreyan technology

  • The Time Lord warship that Anathema is built on the side of is the size of Pluto. It was sent on automatic from one of the Time Lord's bases, 3 billion years ago. The let it drift at sunlight speeds towards Earth.
  • The Time Lord ship is on course to destroy Earth.
  • The Cold is the Time Lord warship's computer system, by releasing it it detonates the ship (which is a planet-sized bomb) and therefore destroys the Earth.
  • During one of the narrative constructs Sam experiences in the Media the Doctor mentions a time ring.

Gallifreyans and Time Lords

  • Regeneration away from a TARDIS is slow and clumsy. [4]
  • I.M. Foreman states that "I'm a priest. From one of the old orders. And back in my day the priesthood had the same privileges as the Time Lords. Including the right to regeneration."[5]


  • Sam mentions wanting to see Fitz saying "we did have sex and everything" though adding "It was a parallel-universe-alternative-reality kind of thing."[6]
  • Iris Wildthyme makes a brief appearance in Sarah's Voodoo Economics documentary as UNIT's scientific advisor.


  • The Doctor's TARDIS was left in the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Anathema is the Remote's city, located on the side of a Time Lord warship.


  • I.M. Foreman's show once stopped off on New Mars.


  • Zoe picked up a mask of James Stewart at the Grand Festival of Zymymys Midamor. It's made of a memory polymer.
  • The Remote's receivers pump active temporal biodata into the colonists bodies.
  • The Doctor hooks the TARDIS up to a remembrance tank to remember Kode back to who he was as Fitz using the TARDIS.
  • The Cold is probably validium based.
  • The Remote have a Drahvidian battleskimmer on Anathema.
  • Sarah used the Remote's "TARDIS tracker" to find the Doctor's TARDIS.


  • Anathema 1799 is out of reach by the High Council.
  • Between 1799 and 1800 the Remote build the transmission tower on Anathema.
  • By 1801 on Anathema Fitz and the rest of the Remote are sterile.
  • The 20th century is when Earth starts to turn itself into a major galactic power.
  • The events on Dust occur a 1000 years after the fall of the Earth Empire.


  • According to the Doctor "The TARDIS is a complex event in space-time, modelled according to strict mathematical principles. Numbers to program the continuum, so to speak." [7] Adding that "This place (I.M. Foreman's One-Species Nongenetically Engineered Travelling Show ) is the same kind of thing, but not contained. Not what you could call a ship. Not attached to a TARDIS's extradimensional framework, and not connected to any direct power source." [8]



  • Sam found out her life was stage managed by the Faction Paradox and that a (sort of) alternate version of herself had sex with Fitz in EDA: Unnatural History.
  • At the end of EDA: Autumn Mist Sam told the Doctor the next time the TARDIS landed on Earth close to her time she would be leaving him.
  • EDA: The Blue Angel is the next novel and the first novel to show Compassion as a genuine companion.
  • EDA: The Ancestor Cell brings all that happens in this novel (and those in between) to a conclusion.
  • There is a reference to DW: The Visitation with the dialogue "Drop the sonic device, Time Lord."[9]
  • There are some references to the Time Lords escaping to a universe in a bottle which is seen in BNA: Dead Romance.

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