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Bartz, arriving at the Rift

The Interdimensional Rift, also known as the Cleft of Dimension, the N-Zone, or simply "The Void", is the final dungeon on Final Fantasy V. It is a bizarre mishmash of dimensions between worlds.



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Enuo and Detachment

1000 years before the events of Final Fantasy V, a fiend named Enuo created the Void, but he was defeated by the Twelve Legendary Weapons. The Void itself was sealed inside the Interdimensional Rift, along with numerous other monsters too powerful for even the Twelve Weapons to destroy. To make sure no one could enter the Rift and take control of the Void, the planet's Crystals were split in two, and this caused the planet itself to split into two planets. In the process of splitting, the town that would become known as the Phantom Village was inadvertently pulled into the Rift. But once the planets were separated, the entrance to the Rift became caught in the space between the two worlds, out of reach.

Exdeath and Reattachment

A tree used to seal evil animas had become corrupted into a great evil, and it became Exdeath. Exdeath sought the power of the Void, but could not reach the Interdimensional Rift as long as the world was split.

In the course of the events of Final Fantasy V, he shattered the Crystals of both worlds, weakening their Elements so that the two worlds would revert to their one natural form. Once this happened, the entrance to the Rift was accessible again, and Exdeath went in and harnessed the power of the Void.

Using the Rift as a stronghold and managing not to be frozen in time, he unleashed the Void over Tycoon, then over the Library of the Ancients, then simultaneously over Walse, Istory, the Moogle Village and Lix, then later again over the Castle of Bal, the Catapult and the Pirates' Hideout, sucking all of them into the Void he had harnessed, thus holding the world under siege.

Bartz and his friends collected the four tablets from the Sealed Castle to unseal the Sealed Weapons the Twelve Warriors had used to defeat Enuo, then entered the Rift through the sky, over what used to be Tycoon, and fought against Exdeath. During the battle, Exdeath himself was sucked into the Void, and re-emerged as Neo Exdeath, a being of destruction.

After Neo Exdeath was defeated, the lands sucked into the Void were restored to the world. Bartz and his friends returned from the Interdimensional Rift, but what happened to the Rift after this is unclear.


Entrance to the Interdimensional Rift is as simple as being the victim of the X-Zone spell, which exiles anything to the Rift through a one-way trip. However, leaving the Rift has always been much more difficult, which makes the Rift a suitable prison frozen in time.

Inside the Rift seems like a bizarre mishmash of dimensions, where the rules of space and time do not necessarily seem to apply the same way as they do in the normal world. Entire deserts, fortresses, forests, caverns and so forth seem to be exiled within the Rift, interconnected through a series of passages that sometimes seem to contradict logical physical layout.

Those trapped in the Rift appear only recently trapped, as the passage of time does not appear to flow for many of them. (When Bartz and friends visited the Phantom Village, its inhabitants seemed unaware that time had passed for them.)

It also appears that the Interdimensional Rift intersects more worlds than just that of Final Fantasy V, with one of its most famous trapped residents, Gilgamesh, managing to find an exit in the world of Final Fantasy VIII, where he can appear in the Lunatic Pandora during the battle with Seifer Almasy, having emerged from the "dimensional interval". This raises further questions as Gilgamesh seemed to have sacrificed himself in an explosion to save Bartz and friends from Necrophobe in Final Fantasy V: If Gilgamesh died, how did he emerge alive in another world?

A clue to this may be explained during the final confrontation with Exdeath. After Exdeath uses the Void to consume Bal, the Catapult and the Pirates' Hideout, the party can fight him, but it is also actually possible to go back and leave the Interdimensional Rift at this time. If you succeed in leaving the rift, it is revealed that time actually rewound itself and Bal, the Catapult and the Pirates' Hideout are fully intact, having not yet been sucked into the Void.

One must question whether it was indeed possible that one instance of Gilgamesh in the Interdimensional Rift died saving Bartz and his friends, while another forked instance of Gilgamesh survived and instead found his way to the Lunatic Pandora. However, it is also possible that the explosion that appeared to destroy Gilgamesh did not kill him at all, but actually was the means that transported him to the Lunatic Pandora, making both instances one and the same. There seem to be no clear answers to these questions.






Entered through a door on a stone wall in the desert.

Phantom Village

Phantom Village

A door in the ruins leads to the "sealed" door inside a building in the village. All of the villagers are frozen in time, some in mid-stride, and cannot be spoken to. Consequently, none of the usual services, such as the shops or the inn, are available, but the HP/MP restoring urn still works.



Entered through the normal exit of the phantom village.



Entered through a hole below a tree at the end of the forest.



A small room at the end of the cave.



Dimension Castle

Dimension Castle

Last Floor

Last Floor

Other Appearances

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Rift

The Dimensional Fortress area is the representative area of Final Fantasy V in Dissidia. However, it is renamed The Rift. The other sections of the rift appear in the background of this area, which floats in the sky. It is here that the Onion Knight begins his storyline,Squall fights Kuja, and Cloud fights Firion. Bartz is transported here when he is captured, and fights Exdeath here at the end of his storyline.

The castle is a very open and very large area, with a large central castle in the center surrounded by several smaller turrets and towers floating in the air. The alternate version of this area causes the castle's structure to change drastically and seemingly at random, changing the position of walls and towers. Buildings can disappear entirely, resulting in traps and EX Cores disappearing or changing position.


"The Prelude of Empty Skies" from Final Fantasy V''
Image:FFV - The Prelude of Empty Skies.ogg
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"The Prelude of Empty Skies", also known as "Prelude to the Void" plays as the background music for every of the areas of the Interdimensional Rift with exception of the final area, where "Searching the Light" plays as the background music.

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Warning: The killerwatt plane is filled with flashing lights, so it is advised that anyone with eye problems or epilepsy should either play in low detail, turn off the flickering effects in the graphic settings, or not go in there at all. If you experience dizziness, altered vision, loss of awareness, seizure, or any involuntary movement and convulsions while being there, STOP playing immediately, and consult your doctor until they give permission to play again.

The Killerwatt plane.

The Killerwatt plane is an area where Killerwatts are found. It is accessed by Professor Oddenstein's portal machine, found atop Draynor manor.

The plane hosts some Killerwatts, and some small storm clouds, like the ones found in Zanaris, are also seen here. Players can exit via the portal going back to Oddenstein's room or by simply teleporting out.

The Killerwatt plane is unique in that although it is a single combat zone, a player can break off of combat with a Killerwatt and attack another immediately. Whether this is a glitch or a "feature" is unknown.

Professor Oddenstein warning a player about the Killerwatt plane.

See Also

Music Unlocked


The name is a play on "kilowatt", a unit of power, with the word "killer" included to imply its hostility.

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