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Inter Minorian
Place of origin: Inter Minor
Appearances: DW: Carnival of Monsters
Notable Individuals: Zarb, Kalik, Orum, Pletrac

The Inter Minorians were a race of humanoids from Inter Minor.



The Inter Minorians were made of two known types. There was originally only one type, but the higher class were given more important positions and the lower received the worst jobs. Gradually the differences between the two classes broadened, causing physical changes as well. (DWN: Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters)



The Officials were the upper-class of the Inter Minorians. They looked like grey-skinned humans with large bald spots. The officials ran Inter Minor, doing all the bureaucratic functions. The officials spoke in a formalized tone, always using "One" instead of "I". The officials were generally xenophobic and formalized. (DW: Carnival of Monsters)


The Functionaries were the lower-class of the Inter Minorians. They looked like grey-skinned humanoids with deep-set eyes, bald heads, extended cheeks and diamond-shaped noses. The functionaries grunted to communicate and appear to be of lesser intelligence. The functionaries did all the menial jobs on Inter Minor, such as transportation. The functionaries were oppressed by the officials and were therefore very rebellious. (DW: Carnival of Monsters)


The Inter Minorian officals were very conscious of illness. No aliens were allowed to Inter Minor until President Zarb came to power. This was due to their fear of diseases being brought in from other planets. They were also conscious of enemies and were afraid to show weakness.


The Inter Minorians originally interacted with the rest of the galaxy, until the Great Space Plague. For the next thousand years, the Inter Minorians increased their military and stopped all alien travellers to their planet.

Eventually, the official, President Zarb, tried to decrease this xenophobia. He disbanded the army, and allowed aliens onto Inter Minor. He tried to improve the lot of the Functionaries, but since this would take away the privileges of the Officials he met strong opposition. He also tried to stop the rebellious functionaries by making the first visitors be Lurman showmen to amuse them. Amusement had previously been outlawed as purposeless. Zarb's brother, Kalik, believed he was poor ruler, and tried to find ways to make him look bad. When Vorg's Miniscope was found out to be illegally holding lifeforms, it had to be destroyed. When this attempt failed, Kalik took advantage of this. Kalik and Orum tried to sabotage the Miniscope and release a Drashig to run rampant, but the Drashigs were stopped and Zarb stayed in power for the time being. (DW: Carnival of Monsters)

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