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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Japanese ねむれるしし
Romaji Nemureru Shishi
SNES Name Intangir
PS Name Intangir
GBA Name Intangir

The Intangir, known in Japan literally as Sleeping Lion, is an enemy in the game Final Fantasy VI that is only found on Triangle Island in the World of Balance. It is difficult to defeat, as it absorbs all eight elements and it starts out with the Clear status on. If someone dispels the Clear status with a spell, Intangir will retaliate with the powerful spell Meteor, even if transformed into an Imp (it will also use Meteor on whoever slays it as a final attack). The Intangir will then reapply the Clear status. Since it has a lot of HP, players can take advantage of the Vanish-Doom bug to defeat it (not applicable in the GBA version). Players could also cast Stop on it while it is invisible and then wail away at it (it would be advisable to have at least one character with at least 900 - 1,000 HP, and to use non-elemental attacks that ignore Defense due to the beast's high defenses and automatic Protect and Shell). It yields 10 Magic Points after every battle. Also, if a long time passes without either the party or the Intangir dying, the beast has been observed to Flee, removing EXP gains (although the AP gain remains).

The Intangir is notably the only enemy in the entire game to have Auto-Clear status.

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