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This article is about the rebel groups and individuals. For the civil war, see Insurrection.
An Insurrectionist SCI trooper.

The Insurrectionists, otherwise dubbed as Innies by the UNSC Marines, were individuals rebelling against the UNSC, and the UNSC's main enemy during the Insurrection, an undeclared civil war between the UNSC and numerous insurrectionist factions. As the Human-Covenant War begun in 2525, the Covenant quickly became the new antagonist, though some insurrectionist movements continued to live on. Most insurrectionist movements stirred in the Outer Colonies, where the colonists started to demand independence from the UNSC, which they considered to be oppressive and imperialistic. However, the Inner Colonies had insurrection activity as well, and constant insurrectionist attacks plagued the Epsilon Eridani System, the heart of UNSC military. They could be referred to as terrorists, due to them only impeding the UNSC's progress to colonize and prosper.

Operation: TREBUCHET was one of the largest and farthest reaching operations ever conducted in UNSC military history. It was devised in order to rid the galaxy of the Insurrectionists, once and for all, but was promptly all but abandoned following the beginning of the Human-Covenant War.

The Insurrectionists were present mostly in the Outer Colonies. They colonized and inhabited The Rubble, a sophisticated asteroid habitat orbiting the gas giant Hesiod. In the Rubble, an uneasy truce existed between the Humans and the Kig-Yar who had originally helped the Insurrectionists build the habitat, only with their own agenda in mind. While the most of the Rubble's population were Insurrectionists, the Rubble also protected most of the surviving civilian populace of Madrigal.

Even as the UNSC continued the war against the Covenant, Insurrectionists still caused many problems, forcing the UNSC to fight a two front war; one against the Covenant and one against the Insurrectionists.


Known Insurrectionist Factions


Different groups used different tactics.

  • The Insurrectionists of Epsilon Eridani preferred to use terrorist tactics, striking targets with explosives to sow fear and chaos in the region.
  • The United Rebel Front of 111 Tauri seemed to have an extensive paramilitary operation, including commandos, armored personnel carriers, and automated security drones.
  • Another prominent group focused more on space combat, capturing UNSC warships (such as the corvette Callisto and the frigate Bellicose) and turning them against the UEG in bloody ship-to-ship duels. It is likely that there were other groups scattered throughout UNSC territory.


  • "Innies" is a rather ironic naming, as they desperately "wanted out" of the UNSC government.
  • In skirmish mode in Halo Wars, most empty bases and unoccupied Forerunner artifacts are occupied by Insurrectionists, and you must defeat them to claim the area.
  • Michael Crespo's parents were Insurrectionists; they died trying to wire a bomb to a government building.[1]


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