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Spells are magical syntaxes that, once cast, will consume some mana in order to produce the desired effect.

All spells require a certain amount of mana every time they are used, and also have a minimum level requirement. In addition to these restrictions, some spells can only be used by certain vocations.

You cannot use spells too rapidly, as the client will tell you that you are exhausted if you cast spells too quickly in a short period of time. Note that you will not get muted for quickly casting spells, but you cannot cast spells while muted.

The skills of the magic user have a direct impact upon the effectiveness of most spells and runes. While the magic level has the largest impact upon the effect of spells, it is also effected by the experience level to a lesser degree.

Spells are useful for many different things. With spells, you can do almost anything from summoning a horde of skeletons to fight by your side, to generating magical light to illuminate your path.

Image:spellbook.gifIf you are interested in a developed study of spellwords, take time to check the Magic Syllables page.

List of Spells

Image:Desintegrate.gifFor rune spells, go to the runes page.

Name Words Prem Mana Level Price Type Effect
Antidote exana pox no 30 10 150 Healing Cures poison.
Berserk exori yes 115 35 2500 Attack Image:Physical Damage Icon.gif Attacks all players and/or creatures standing on any of the eight squares surrounding the Knight who casts it. And also under the casting player.
Blood Rage utito tempo yes 290 60 8000 Support Increases your melee attack skill (fist fighting, axe fighting, club fighting and sword fighting) by 35% for 10 seconds. It only increases the skill for the weapon type you are using when casting the spell, or increases fist skill if you don't wield any weapon. Concentrating on his attack, a knight will neglect his defense.
Cancel Invisibility exana ina yes 200 26 1600 Support Makes invisible creatures/players visible again.
Challenge exeta res yes (requires promotion) 30 20 2000 Support Makes all Creatures nearby change their target to the caster.
Charge utani tempo hur yes 100 25 1300 Support Increases your speed by 90% for 5 seconds.
Conjure Arrow exevo con no 100 13 450 Supply Creates 10 Arrows.
Conjure Bolt exevo con mort yes 140 17 750 Supply Creates 5 Bolts.
Conjure Explosive Arrow exevo con flam no 290 25 1000 Supply Creates 8 Burst Arrows.
Conjure Piercing Bolt exevo con grav yes 180 33 850 Supply Creates 5 Piercing Bolts.
Conjure Poisoned Arrow exevo con pox no 130 16 700 Supply Creates 7 Poison Arrows.
Conjure Power Bolt exevo con vis yes 700 59 2000 Supply Creates 10 Power Bolts.
Conjure Sniper Arrow exevo con hur yes 160 24 800 Supply Creates 5 Sniper Arrows.
Creature Illusion utevo res ina "creature" no 100 23 1000 Support Turns you into a certain creature for three minutes.
Death Strike exori mort yes 20 16 Attack
Divine Caldera exevo mas san yes 160 50 3000 Attack Image:Holy Damage Icon.gif Instant area spell (like Groundshaker) dealing holy damage.
Divine Healing exura san Yes 210 35 2100 Healing Heals the user with holy powers.
Divine Missile exori san yes 20 40 1800 Attack Image:Holy Damage Icon.gif Causes Holy Damage focused on the square directly in front of the caster, or hits a target at a distance of up to 4 square meters away.
Enchant Party utori mas sio yes Varies 32 4000 Support The Enchant Party spell enables sorcerers to raise the magic level of themselves and their party members by 1, it lasts for 2 minutes.
Enchant Spear exeta con yes 350 45 2000 Supply Turns one ordinary Spear into an Enchanted Spear. You need to have 1 spear in your hand to make it work (not more than 1).
Enchant Staff exeta vis yes (requires promotion) 80 41 2000 Supply Enchants a Staff (10/25) to an Enchanted Staff (39/45) for 60 seconds.
Energy Beam exevo vis lux no 40 23 1000 Attack Image:Electrified Icon.gif Shoots a 5 tile long beam in front of the caster.
Energy Strike exori vis yes 20 12 Attack
Energy Wave exevo vis hur no 170 38 2500 Attack Image:Electrified Icon.gifShoots an energy attack in a large area in the direction the caster is looking.
Eternal Winter exevo gran mas frigo yes 1200 60 8000 Attack Image:Freezing Icon.gif Causes ice damage to enemies around the caster.
Ethereal Spear exori con yes 25 23 1100 Attack Image:Physical Damage Icon.gif Attacks the monster targeted with an Ethereal Spear.
Fierce Berserk exori gran yes 340 70 5000 Attack Image:Physical Damage Icon.gif Just like the regular berserk spell but stronger.
Find Person exiva "NAME" no 20 8 80 Support Tells you which direction a certain player is, relative to you, and a rough idea of the distance.
Fire Wave exevo flam hur no 25 18 850 Attack Image:Burned Icon.gif Shoots a fire attack in the shape of a cone in the direction the caster is looking.
Flame Strike exori flam yes 20 14 Attack
Food (Spell) exevo pan no 120 14 300 Supply Creates various kinds of food.
Great Energy Beam exevo gran vis lux no 110 29 1800 Attack Image:Electrified Icon.gif Shoots a strong beam 8 squares infront of caster.
Great Light utevo gran lux no 60 13 500 Support Has greater illumination range compared to Light.
Groundshaker exori mas yes 160 33 1500 Attack Image:Physical Damage Icon.gif It creates a 36 sqm big field of damage around you, similar in size to Great Fireball.
Haste utani hur yes 60 14 600 Support Increases your Speed for 33 seconds, can also cure paralysis. To determine your speed with this spell, go to the Formula page.
Heal Friend exura sio "name" yes 140 18 800 Healing Heals a specified player. This can also be used on yourself.
Heal Party utura mas sio yes Varies. 32 4000 Support The Heal Party spell will increase the regeneration speed of players on his party to 20 hit points every 2 seconds for a period of 2 minutes.
Hell's Core exevo gran mas flam yes 1200 60 8000 Attack Image:Burned Icon.gif Makes a big explosion around the caster.
Ice Strike exori frigo yes 20 15 Attack
Ice Wave exevo frigo hur no 25 18 850 Attack Image:Freezing Icon.gif Shoots a cone shaped wave in the direction the caster is looking, dealing Ice Damage.
Intense Healing exura gran no 70 11 350 Healing Heals you more than light healing.
Invisible utana vid no 440 35 2000 Support Makes you invisible (to some creatures, not players) for 200 seconds (3 min, 20 sec).
Levitate exani hur up
exani hur down
yes 50 12 500 Support Allows you to magically levitate up or down a level.
Light utevo lux no 20 8 100 Support Makes the screen brighter.
Light Healing exura no 20 9 170 Healing Heals a small amount of HP, can also cure paralysis.
Magic Rope exani tera yes 20 9 200 Support Teleports you up through a hole when you are standing in a rope spot.
Magic Shield utamo vita no 50 14 450 Support All damage received after casting this spell reduces your Mana instead of your Hit Points. The effect will last for 200 seconds (3 minutes 20 seconds).
Mass Healing exura gran mas res yes 150 36 2200 Healing Heals all Players and Creatures around the caster and will also heal the caster.
Protect Party utamo mas sio yes Varies 32 4000 Support The Protect Party spell will raise the shielding by 3 for 2 minutes for every party member standing on one of these fields.
Protector utamo tempo yes 200 55 6000 Support Increases the knight's shielding to 220% for 10 seconds. Concentrating on his protection, the knight will not be able to attack any opponents during this period of time, nor cast spells.
Rage of the Skies exevo gran mas vis yes 650 55 6000 Attack Image:Electrified Icon.gif Calls a huge thunderstorm that causes energy damage, larger than Hell's Core by one sqm in all directions, but weaker.
Sharpshooter utito tempo san yes 450 60 8000 Support Increases the distance skill of Paladins by approximately 50% for 10 seconds.
While this spell is in effect, the paladin's speed is reduced by 70%, they cannot cast any healing, support or supply spells, and they cannot block attacks.
Strong Haste utani gran hur yes 100 20 1300 Support Makes you run faster than with Haste and is slightly less economical on distance given same time and mana, can also cure paralysis It lasts for 22 seconds instead of 33 as with Haste. To determine your speed with this spell, go to the Formula page.
Summon Creature utevo res "creature name" no varies 25 2000 Summon Summons a creature to help you.
Swift Foot utamo tempo san yes 400 55 6000 Support Increases the paladin's speed by 80% for 10 seconds, they however can not attack or use attack spells during this time.
Terra Strike exori tera yes 20 13 Attack
Terra Wave exevo tera hur no 210 38 2500 Attack Image:Poisoned Icon.gif Shoots a wave in the direction the caster is looking dealing Earth Damage in a small area.
Train Party utito mas sio yes Varies 32 4000 Support Raises the Fist Fighting, sword, axe, club and distance fighting skills of party members in a range of 36 square meters around the caster by 3 for 2 minutes.
Ultimate Healing exura vita no 160 20 1000 Healing Heals a large amount of HP.
Ultimate Light utevo vis lux yes 140 26 1600 Support Fills the dark with light.
Undead Legion exana mas mort yes 500 30 2000 Summon Creates a Skeleton from every corpse around you. The area affected is the same size as the Mass Healing Spell.
Whirlwind Throw exori hur (with a target) yes 40 15 800 Attack Image:Physical Damage Icon.gif Attacks the target throwing your weapon like a boomerang. Affects your turn (melee/aggressive spells exhaust).
Wound Cleansing exana mort yes 65 30 300 Healing It heals 60 - 150 % more hp than Exura. Similar to Exura Gran. Spell introduced after Winter Update 2007.
Wrath of Nature exevo gran mas tera yes 770 55 6000 Attack Image:Poisoned Icon.gif Causes earth damage to enemies around the caster.

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