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Installation 07
Background Information

Milky Way Galaxy



Date of Construction

During the Forerunner-Flood War


25,000 light years

Firing Record

1.2 Trillion Simulated, 1 Actual



The symbol representing Installation 07.

Installation 07 is one of the seven Halo Rings. Very little is known about it and it has yet to be directly observed.

In 2552, during the Battle of Installation 05, a signal was sent to this Halo from Installation 05, putting it on standby mode. A readout from Installation 05's Control Room showed that Installation 07 was fully prepared to fire on demand.[1]

A more comprehensive readout was later observed in the Ark during the Battle of the Ark by Thel 'Vadam, SPARTAN-117 and the Prophet of Truth, once again displaying that Installation 07 was on standby mode, waiting to receive the signal to fire.[2] However, SPARTAN-117 deactivated the installation before it could be fired.


  • The inner, inhabitable, surface of this Installation is tan-colored, which suggests that the Halo has a desert or mountain-like terrain and topography. The color could also be evidence of Flood infection on a massive scale since Flood biomass is colored very similarly.
  • The surface of Installation 07 appears to be similar to that of Venus's surface.[citation needed]
  • This ring is often confused with Installation 01 because it is the first ring from the entrance to the Citadel. Although, it is in fact the furthest ring from the Ark's control terminal and is the last ring to have its hologram light up during the activation sequence.


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