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Scrolls, also called Insight Scrolls, provide an XP bonus to the whole party for a duration of time upon activation (by doubleclicking). There can be only one Insight Scroll active at a time; using a second Scroll overrides the first.


Insight Scrolls can be obtained from:



There are 7 sub-types of Insight Scrolls:

  This Scroll can be maintained by:
Rarity Nothing (lasts 10 minutes) Killing a boss within 5 minutes Killing an enemy within 30 seconds
Common Image:Scroll of Adventurer's Insight.jpg
Adventurer's Insight
150% XP
Value: 100 Gold
Hunter's Insight
175% XP
Value: 150 Gold
Rampager's Insight
200% XP
Value: 125 Gold
Rare Image:Scroll_of_Hero's_Insight.jpg
Hero's Insight
200% XP
Value: 400 Gold
Slayer's Insight
250% XP
Value: 400 Gold
Berserker's Insight
300% XP
Value: 400 Gold
Very Rare Image:Scroll of The Lightbringer.jpg
300% XP
Value: 800 Gold


  • Scrolls are specific to PvE, and do not work in PvP.
  • Scrolls affect heroes.
  • Scrolls can help you work off Death Penalty faster, thus it may be worthwhile to carry a few in high level adventuring zones.
  • In Hard mode, you can get over 100 XP from each kill with many scroll and enemy kill combinations, even with a party size of 8 members.
  • Scrolls do stack with Nightfall Bounty experience bonuses.
  • Scrolls do stack with Hard Mode experience bonuses.
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