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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Ink as seen in Final Fantasy VI.

Ink is a recurring enemy ability in the series. It is an attack that naturally inflicts Blind on a party member, and is usually one of the signature attacks of aquatic enemies such as the Kraken and Ultros. It usually inflicts minor non-elemental damage as well.




Final Fantasy

Ink is the special attack of Kraken and is also used by Orthros in the GBA remake. It inflicts Blind to the entire party.

Final Fantasy VI

Ink is the special attack of Ultros, and can also be used by the Guardian when in Ultros mode and Nautiloid. It inflicts minor non-elemental damage and Blind on one party member.

Final Fantasy VII

Ink is an item that the party can use to inflict Blind on one enemy. Ironically, this is the only way for the player to inflict the Blind status on the enemy in the game.

Final Fantasy IX

Ink, used by Kraken and Gigan Octopus, inflicts non-elemental damage and Blind to one party member.

Final Fantasy XI

Ink Jet, used by Sea Monks, deals damage in a cone and inflicts Blind.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Ink is an enemy ability used by Mindflayer, which only inflicts Blind on one party member.


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Guild Wars

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Vial of Ink
Item details
Crafting Material

A Vial of Ink, usually referred to as ink, is a rare crafting material.




  • Scam Warning: Vials of Ink look a little like other items. As always, before agreeing to any purchase, mouse over the item being sold to confirm it's the one you want.
Historical note: After the release of Nightfall, prices of Ink dropped drastically.
Facts about Vial of InkRDF feed

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Character Template Help
Real Name
Eric Gitter
Current Alias








Unusual Features
Body covered with tattoos


Marital Status


First appearance

Young X-Men #1
(May, 2008)



Eric getting a tattoo

Ink is one of the members of the Young X-Men. He is a loud-mouthed and rude teenager not caring what others think about him, standing up to two police officers who wish to arrest him in a tattoo parlor. He fights back using his tattoo of a bio-hazard symbol on his hand and his powers along with it to use a biochemical weapon on the police officer making him sick. Unfortunately, he is arrested anyway.

Sitting in jail, moping and waiting to rot, a prison guard walks up to his cell. Eric sasses the guard with his cold and rude gestures but the guard frees him wishing to take him away from here, only to turn off an image inducer on his belt to be revealed as a costumed Cyclops.

Later, Cyclops, gathers Eric along with the other founding members of the team into the New X-Men's former training simulator, the Danger Cave, built by the former New X-Man, David Alleyne, and lectures them on their goal as a new team of X-Men and their first mission which is to take down the latest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, now consisting of the former New Mutants.

Powers and Abilities


Eric using his bio-hazard tattoo

Ink has no powers of his own. Instead, he had access to a mutant tattoo artist, Leon Nunez, with the power of granting superpowers to other beings by tattooing iconic power symbols on them, evocative of the power he wants to bestow. The downside to this is that it takes away a little bit of his will every time he does it. Nunez made Ink believe that his powers were his own, purposely misleading him into believing he was a mutant. Since granting Ink his last tattoo--the omnipotent Phoenix Force symbol around his eye--Leon Nunez has been in a catatonic state.

So far Ink has the following tattoos and powers:

  • The tattoo on his right palm in the shape of a biohazard symbol which cause his victims to become extremely ill.
  • The tattoo on his left hand gives him super strength. The lines look similar to the banding on Colossus' flesh when he transforms, indicating a toughening of Ink's flesh also.
  • The two lightning bolt tattoos on his head give him the ability to telepathy, but can be blocked by psi-shields, taken from a comic book depiction of psychic abilities (actually an early Marvel Comics publication image of Professor Xavier).
  • The tattoos of wings on his back grant him flight.
  • The "explosive" symbol tattooed on his right bicep allows him to blow up objects and punch through walls.
  • The Caduceus symbol on his left hand allows him the ability of healing others.
  • The Phoenix symbol over his eye allows him to use the Phoenix Force.
  • The circular tattoo with a serrated interior on Ink's left shoulder. It has not been revealed if this tattoo has a corresponding power or if it was even made by Leon Nunez.


  • According to writer Marc Guggenheim, “When Ink gets a new tattoo, he gets a new power. What’s cool about him, from a visual standpoint, is he’s constantly evolving as we give him more and more tattoos. But as a result, his powers are also constantly evolving."


On the cover of Young X-Men #1, Ink is shown as being bald, even though he has hair inside the book.


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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

A detailed image of Black mushroom ink

Black mushroom ink is made by using a pestle and mortar on black mushrooms while having an empty vial in your inventory. Without an empty vial: "You crush the mushroom, but you have no vial to put the ink in and it goes everywhere!"


Black mushroom ink is used in the following quests:

A black mushroom

Shadow of the Storm - Used to dye your Silverlight sword, a desert shirt, and a desert robe black.

The Golem - Used to write a program containing new instructions for the Golem to run.

Land of the Goblins - Used to dye goblin mail black.

Note: After the quest you can still make black mushroom ink to dye desert robes and goblin mails.

Other uses:

Used with Origami balloon to make a black balloon.
Used with a cape to dye the cape black.

Related Quests

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From TibiaWiki

This item is in the Tools and other Equipment class
Attributes: None.
Weight: 2.00 oz.
Loot value: 8 gp.
Dropped by: Elf Arcanist, Warlock.
Buy from: Thomas (Edron) 8 gp
Sell to: Beatrice (Edron) 8 gp
Notes: This can be found in most cities of tibia.

See also: Items.
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