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The Ingram-class space control ship was a class of United Federation of Planets starship active in the last quarter of the 23rd century. (USS Excelsior Ingram Class Plans)

The original class ship, USS Excelsior, was constructed in the early 2280s and was the testbed for the transwarp drive system. After unsuccessful trials, its propulsion systems were swapped for conventional warp drive nacelles and was redesignated as a heavy cruiser. USS Ingram wound up being the only space control ship built to specs.

Two other hulls, Simonov and Richmond, were cancelled and planned funding for the fifth vessel was discontinued.


Alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline, funding for the remaining Ingram-class vessels (Simonov, Richmond and the fifth) was approved. The fifth was named USS Pendragon. (Dockyard Review 4:3 (July 2370): "The Griffon Class SCS-X: Starfleet's Experimental Extended-Range Exploration Vessels")

Mirror universes

In the mid-24th century of a Mirror universe, a New Jersey class battleship was based on the spaceframe of the Ingram class. One of these was the ISS Lexington-C.


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Ingram-class starships

Notable ships: Excelsior - Ingram

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