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Infinite Empire
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Historical information
Date of establishment

35,000 BBY[1]

Date of dissolution

25,200 BBY


Pre-Republic era

The Infinite Empire, the first known major galactic government, was founded by the Rakata, a scientifically advanced species that used their knowledge to conquer and enslave other species throughout the Known Galaxy, from Humans to Sand People.

The Empire was one of the predecessor governments to the Galactic Republic.



The construction of the Star Forge.

The Rakata rose to new heights when, in approximately 49,000 BBY, they successfully combined the power of the Force with advanced technology, creating wondrous effects that seemed, to them, to border on the mystical. Due to this achievement, they used their technology to explore space. However, when they found civilizations less advanced than themselves, they conquered and enslaved them rather than benevolently aid their advancement, thus turning to the dark side. The Infinite Empire, officially established in 35,000 BBY, dominated pockets of the galaxy for almost ten thousand years and enslaved numerous developing species including the Duros, Kumumgah, Selkath, and Humans. At its height, it consisted of more than 500 enslaved-subject worlds with a population of ten billion Rakata and one trillion slaves.

The Force-based technology of the Rakata had profound consequences which led to the total collapse of the Infinite Empire. The Star Forge began feeding off its Rakatan masters' aggressive tendencies and created dark side energies that further corrupted its creators. After generations of galactic supremacy and control, the Infinite Empire began to fracture. Huge slave revolts erupted throughout the borders of the Empire along with various factions vying for control. This led to a civil war throughout Rakatan controlled space. Already weakened by warfare, the Rakata were suddenly struck by a deadly plague in 25,200 BBY (possibly created by one of the slave species) that spread rapidly through their ranks due to their self-crafted genetic uniformity. The virulent disease nearly exterminated the Rakata and brought the Infinite Empire to its knees, but the worst was yet to come.

A mutation in the disease caused the Rakata to lose their connection and power in the Force. As the Force adepts were culled from the overall population, the Rakata lost their ability to manipulate their own advanced technology. The Rakatans were forced to adapt to using inferior technology. With their slave masters thus weakened, the slave populations of many enslaved worlds rebelled. The Infinite Empire began to collapse as member worlds such as Korriban began to expel their Rakatan masters. The all-but-destroyed Rakata could do nothing but abandon their conquests and retreat to the safety of their homeworld Lehon.

Various factions on the Rakatan homeworld vied for dominance over what was left of the Empire and so began a devastating civil war that destroyed all the cities and transformed the surface of the planet into chains of islands. The war almost led to the extinction of the Rakatan species and drove most of the surviving Rakata underground where they devolved into primitive tribal groups. Only a faction known as The Elders, who were descended from the priest caste of the Infinite Empire, recalled the true history and subsequent fall of their people. In the following centuries, the defunct Infinite Empire was erased from the records of its former slave laborers. It was lost to the pages of galactic history until its rediscovery during the Jedi Civil War, a few thousand years before the Rakatas' alleged extinction.


The Empire produced technological innovations such as terraforming machinery, semi-sentient Star Maps and computers, and the transmogrifying Star Forge (built in 30,000 BBY). Among its many crimes were those of aggressive war, slavery on a massive scale, and the casual obliteration of member worlds such as Tatooine.


Infinite Empire map

Due to the limitations of the Rakatan hyperdrive technology, the Infinite Empire consisted of only 500 worlds, but they were scattered far and wide over the entire length of the Known Galaxy.


Known member worlds


Behind the scenes

  • In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, the Clan Ordo flag symbol on Dxun, curiously resembles that of the Infinite Empire and the Star Forge.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (First mentioned)
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (Mentioned only)
  • Darth Bane: Path of Destruction (Mentioned only)


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