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"Infinite Crisis"

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Infinite Crisis (Collected) (Volume ) #-1

Image:Quote1.png I am like my father was. The only hero in a world full of villains. Image:Quote2.png
-- Alexander Luthor, Jr.

Appearing in "Infinite Crisis"

Synopsis for "Infinite Crisis"

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman rummage through the ruins of the JLA Watchtower. They argue with one another over Wonder Woman's recent decision to murder Maxwell Lord.

On Earth, chaos erupts throughout most major American cities. OMAC units take control of human hosts and hunt down wanted criminals and renegade heroes. In Bludhaven , an OMAC targets and terminates Otis Flannegan, the Ratcatcher. Nightwing stands on a rooftop and looks towards the sky as hundreds of OMACs begin swarming over the city.

In the Polaris Galaxy, war rages between the citizens of Rann and the people of Thanagar. Members of the L.E.G.I.O.N. and the Green Lantern Corps are present, but the Corps members are lost without the guidance of the Guardians of the Universe. Guy Gardner volunteers to lead the Lanterns. The Guardians meanwhile, sequester themselves inside their citadel and analyze the situation.

Back on Earth, the untethered essence of the Spectre destroys the Rock of Eternity (New Earth). Captain Marvel plummets from the shattered remnants of the Rock and lands in Gotham City. Following in the wake of the Spectre, demons begin scouring across the chaotic streets.

Twenty miles south of Metropolis, the Freedom Fighters conduct a raid on an abandoned refinery. Upon entering the facility, the walk into an ambush set for them by the Society. The Society takes no prisoners and Black Condor, Phantom Lady and the Human Bomb are killed.

Back on Earth's moon, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman discover that Mongul has been hiding in the wreckage of the Watchtower. He pounces onto the heroes and begins fighting. Superman beats Mongul down and Wonder Woman is prepared to finish him off with her sword, but Superman catches the blade before it can strike. This leads into an even more intense argument between the three heroes. Mongul, barely conscious, takes advantage of their distraction and uses a JLA teleporter to escape.

Elsewhere, four beings watch the nightmares taking place on Earth and the Polaris Galaxy. One of them, the Superman from the destroyed reality known as Earth-Two, decides that he can no longer stand by and do nothing. He punches a hole through the crystal barrier separating their paradise dimension from the Earth reality and flies off. His companions, Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three, Superboy of Earth-Prime and his wife Lois Lane-Kent follow suit.

Appearing in "The Survivors"

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Synopsis for "The Survivors"

After donning one of his old costumes, Buddy Baker joins several other heroes for a special summit on New Chronus. Also in attendance are Donna Troy, Cyborg, Bumblebee, Shift, Herald, Supergirl, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Jade, Firestorm and the Red Tornado. They find the tormented Air Wave who appears to be receiving hundreds of broadcast symbols from ships participating in the Rann-Thanagar War.

On Earth, Power Girl fights up against members of the Society. Though powerful, she is outnumbered and finds herself locked in the crushing grip of Giganta. Suddenly, a red and blue blur streaks across the sky, toppling Giganta and destroying the robotic Mister Atom. When Power Girl looks up, she is shocked to discover her cousin (her true cousin), the Superman of Earth-Two hovering above her.

In Gotham City, Lex Luthor conducts a meeting with other members of the Society. He needs a member of the Marvel Family in order to construct a "mind-wiping machine". Unable to acquire Earth's mightiest mortal, Luthor decides to set his sights on Black Adam. What the other members of the Society fail to realize - is that this is not the true Lex Luthor. The real Luthor is trudging across the Arctic North wearing one of his warsuits. He doesn't understand why he is here.

Power Girl and her cousin fly to the North Pole where Superman has constructed a facsimile of his old Secret Sanctuary from Earth-Two. There, she meets the three other survivors of the first Crisis - Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three, Superboy of Earth-Prime and Lois Lane of Earth-Two. Alex explains that like they, Power Girl is a survivor of her native dimension. When the Multiverse ceased to exist at the conclusion of the first Crisis, Power Girl somehow "fell through the cracks" and emerged on the newly rebooted Earth dimension. Power Girl has no memory of her time on Earth-Two until she touches Lois' hand. Suddenly, her mind is awash with a flood of memories.

On Earth's Moon, Booster Gold and Skeets arrive in the ruins of the JLA Watchtower after a time-jumping excursion. Booster is searching for a very important item - the Blue Beetle Scarab.

Back in Gotham, the Joker has a deadly encounter with the Royal Flush Gang at the Flying Pig Casino. Having failed to win himself a place on the team, the Joker shows his displeasure by slaughtering the entire group.

In the Batcave, Bruce Wayne makes contact with the rogue Brother Eye satellite. He tries to determine why Brother Eye has created the O.M.A.C.s, but more importantly, where are they amassing. The current O.M.A.C.s were developed by the late Maxwell Lord, and were designed to sanction rogue super-heroes. Ironically, the hero that the O.M.A.C.s are currently targeting is Maxwell Lord's killer, Wonder Woman.

On Themyscira, Wonder Woman, Artemis and the combined might of both the Amazons of Themyscira and Bana-Mighdall fight valiantly to defend themselves from an army of O.M.A.C.s.

Back at the Secret Sanctuary, Superman explains to Power Girl that Lois is dying. He further tells her that the reality that emerged following the Crisis is dark and corrupted. The only way to save reality (as well as Lois) is by bringing back Earth-Two.

Appearing in "Divine Intervention"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Polaris Galaxy Team


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Divine Intervention"

As a battle rages in the seas between the heroes of Atlantis and their enemies, the Spectre emerges in destructive fury against both friend and foe. The battle between the Amazons on Paradise Island and the OMACs does not go well as their forces are totally overwhelmed, with Wonder Woman making the hard choice that the Amazons must leave this realm of existence by the protection of the gods. The gathered heroes at New Cronus arrive at the center of the universe where they deal with a powerful maelstrom as well as the warring Thanagarian and Rannian ships in that vicinity. Kal-El comes to the help of the Shadowpact in El Paso, Texas while Jaime Reyes finds the Blue Beetle's Scarab. Wally West rushes off as the Flash to deal with a super-tornado in Kansas City.

Batman is frustrated at his inability to stop Brother Eye from carrying out Program Truth And Justice when Kal-L visits him, telling Batman that the Dark Knight he knew on Earth-Two was a man that lived past the death of his parents, allowing himself to love, marry, and have a child. Kal-L tries to reason with Batman that the best course of action is to allow his own reality to be replaced with that of Earth-Two, which he believed held more promise than the one Batman knew. Unfortunately, Batman questioned whether that reality's Dick Grayson was a better version of his own's, and so attempted to use Lex Luthor's Kryptonite ring on Kal-L to no effect, only for Kal-L to burn it off Batman's finger with his heat vision.

Lex Luthor discovers his doppelganger's hideout and confronts him, only to be overpowered by both his opponent's intellect and his power. Fortunately, Lex Luthor manages to destroy a computer in the hideout, exposing the doppleganger as Alexander Luthor using a holographic projection over himself. Then Superboy-Prime sneaks up from behind and rips Lex Luthor's battlesuit off him, then is ordered by Alexander Luthor to dispose of him. However, Lex Luthor teleports himself away before Superboy's heat vision touches him.

Power Girl takes some time away from visiting Lois Lane Kent to think of whether she would be willing to help restore the reality that Kal-L and his wife once knew and reenters the hideout with her answer when she notices a giant machine with part of the Anti-Monitor's corpse attached to it. She notices that several superheroes are also attached to the machine, unconscious, which included the Martian Manhunter, who was last seen at the JLA Watchtower on the moon. Power Girl flies up to where J'onn J'onnz is located and asks if he is okay when is attacked from behind. It is Superboy-Prime and Alexander Luthor who did this, with Superboy-Prime saying that he knew she would never help them and Alexander saying that she will help them whether she wants to or not.

In the Batcave, Batman plays back what his "black box" has recorded about the intruder posing as Superman who has infiltrated the Watchtower, destroyed it, and made off with Martian Manhunter. The evidence reveals that it was Superboy-Prime who did it.

Appearing in "Homecoming"

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Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Homecoming"

After Alexander Luthor and Superboy-Prime watch the Brotherhood of Evil drop Chemo like a bomb on top of Bludhaven to destroy it, Luthor turns his attention to Power Girl, who is now strapped to the giant machine she discovers, to reveal to her that he and Superboy-Prime have been manipulating things for quite some time: causing the Rann-Thanagar War, causing the Spectre to destroy all magic-based superbeings, using the Secret Society of Super-Villains to gather heroes for the machine, reprogramming Brother Eye and the army of OMACs, and gathering the corpse of the Anti-Monitor for the machine itself. Luthor zaps Power Girl until she is silent and then lets Superboy-Prime go deal with Connor Kent.

Outside the destruction of Bludhaven, Batman contacts Nightwing to get his help and to show him what his "black box" has recorded regarding the destruction of the Watchtower, to tell him that a Superman is in league with a Luthor for the purpose of saving somebody he loves. Nightwing decides to go to Titans Tower to get the team's help.

In El Paso, Texas, Booster Gold visits Jaime Reyes in his bedroom in order to find out where the Blue Beetle's Scarab is. Skeets detects that the Scarab has somehow fused itself to the young man's spine, meaning there is no way to extract it from him.

In Smallville, Superboy-Prime lands at the Kents' residence to "talk to" Connor Kent, who doesn't believe Superboy-Prime is who he says he is. This instantly turns into a fight that spreads across the whole town, with Connor Kent on the ropes until the Doom Patrol, the Teen Titans, and the Justice Society show up to overpower the Kryptonian. Superboy-Prime tries to reason with them that he's not the bad guy when he accidentally knocks Panther's head off and also kills a few other Titans members in order to get them to stop. Soon the two Flashes and Kid Flash show up to take Superboy-Prime away into the Speed Force, only for Jay Garrick to weaken and Wally West to be pulled into another dimension where he draws his wife Linda Park and his twin children into. Kid Flash is left alone to deal with the insults of Superboy-Prime until Barry Allen, Johnny Quick, and Max Mercury show up to give the young speedster a hand, pushing the Kryptonian further and further into the Speed Force until it is now gone.

In Gotham City, Chris Allen wakes up in the morgue with his body now in stitches when the Spectre finds himself drawn toward Allen's body, imprisoned there by his Master, pleading for his mercy. In outer space at the center of the universe, Air Wave is disintegrated, and Firestorm finds himself divided as the combined energies of Jason Rusch and Mick Wong are spent. At the giant machine, as Kal-L comforts his wife Lois Lane Kent by her beside and the army of OMACs now surround the machine as it emerges to the surface, Alexander Luthor gets Psycho Pirate to make Black Adam call upon the name of Shazam, which then energizes the machine with its lightning bolt. Luthor floats near the maw of the Anti-Monitor's corpse as he concentrates himself on the task of "fixing everything". The heroes in the center of the universe see giant hands appear in the heart of the maelstrom. The heroes gathered in the twin cities of Central and Keystone notice that Keystone City along with a good deal of the Justice Society members vanish with Titans member Flamebird. Soon, where there was only one Earth, there is now two floating side by side with each other.

As Kal-L and Lois Lane Kent vanish from the cavern, they find themselves appearing before the glittering Daily Star tower in the heart of a restored Metropolis that they once knew. Kal-L tells his wife that they are now home on Earth-Two.

Appearing in "Faith"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Polaris Galaxy Team


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Faith"

As a group of superheroes left on what's now called Earth-One gather together for a "memorial service" and the group of heroes that's been transplanted to the newly-restored Earth-Two now wonder where they are, Kal-L briefly rejoices in that he has saved his wife Lois Lane Kent until she collapses, the rest of her life force ebbing away from her. Mournful, Kal-L screams, which attracts the attention of Kal-El who flies over to Earth-Two to try comforting his elder counterpart. Kal-L attacks Kal-El, blaming him for the death of his wife, while Alexander Luthor watches from his Earth-splitting machine, knowing all the while that Lois Lane Kent wasn't going to survive.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman of New Earth tries to stop a riot taking place, with citizens fleeing in fear of her being a known killer, when her Earth-Two counterpart intervenes, taking her to Earth-Two to try reasoning with both Supermen. The Earth-Two Wonder Woman also tries to tell her younger counterpart that her mission is over and that she needs to start acting human. As Earth-Two Wonder Woman and her invisible jet vanish into nothingness, New Earth Wonder Woman appears before a devastated Metropolis on Earth-Two, seeing that it's the fight between the two Supermen that's destroying it. She lassos Kal-L in order to get him to stop fighting and listen to reason, but Kal-L is still pointing the finger at her, Kal-El, and New Earth Batman for their failing to create a "perfect Earth" -- to which Kal-El answers that "a perfect Earth doesn't need a Superman". It is there that Kal-L stops fighting and instead flies over to where the body of his dead wife is to hold her one last time.

In the Batcave, Booster Gold enters with Jaime Reyes, introducing him to the Dark Knight as the new Blue Beetle, even getting him to transform into that identity to prove it. Batman then brings Booster and Beetle to where the Bug is parked, to a small gathering of heroes selected for taking on Brother Eye. In outer space in the center of the universe, Firestorm reforms again, this time with Professor Stein as the guiding partner. At the Earth-splitting machine, Alexander Luthor uses Brother-Eye to direct a beam of energy toward Kal-L, who screams as he is now being used to create multitudes of parallel Earths, which now pull other superheroes originally native to those worlds away from Earth-One. Nightwing watches from Titans Tower, empty of all its heroes as they are called to attend other matters, as the multiple Earths appear in the sky, some of which are exploding. Connor Kent, who is now restored from his encounter with Superboy-Prime, shows up to help Nightwing take down Alexander Luthor and his Earth-splitting machine, with a crystal given to him by his "father" Lex Luthor that shows where the machine is located.

In Japan, the Flash shows up to warn Dr. Light that Superboy-Prime has escaped and is now coming.

Appearing in "Touchdown"

Synopsis for "Touchdown"

Several heroes band together aboard a space-borne version of Blue Beetle's Bug. Accompanying them is Jaime Reyes, the new Blue Beetle. They are en route to destroy the Brother Eye satellite. As they approach, dozens of OMACs soar outward attacking them.

On Earth-Two, the younger Superman consoles with the Earth-Two Superman over the death of his wife, Lois Lane. New Earth Wonder Woman appears as well and convinces him to rejoin the fight. The older Superman realizes that he has been acting irrationally, and that it is time once again to be a hero. He also knows that he must stop this new Multiverse from expanding or else it will end up destroying itself.

Across countless parallel worlds, scores of super-heroes deal with the cosmic upheaval of the multiple replicating Earths. Alexander Luthor uses his abilities to mix and match varying realities, but his efforts to create a perfect reality all end in failure. He even tries to merge Earth-Two and Earth-Three together, which makes Donna Troy realize that he is going to kill Superman and Wonder Woman. To prevent this, her team of heroes at the center of the universe fire at Luthor's hands, causing him to lose his right index finger and to distract him long enough to save Wonder Woman and the two Supermen.

On Earth-One, many of the world's mystic characters gather at Stonehenge and summon the Spectre. The Spectre is tethered to a former Gotham City police department detective named Crispus Allen. The Phantom Stranger begs the Spectre's aid, but the Spectre is more concerned with fulfilling his obligations of vengeance. He arbitrarily kills Deborah Darnell – the new Star Sapphire.

In the Arctic, Kon-El, Nightwing and Wonder Girl reach Alexander Luthor's power station. Wonder Girl begins freeing the imprisoned super-heroes, who subsequently begin attacking Alex Luthor. Black Adam brutally murders Psycho-Pirate.

Superboy Prime emerges with his new solar-collecting armor and tries to kill Nightwing. Kon-El intercepts him and the two renew their battle. Kon-El succeeds in repelling Superboy-Prime and destroying the tower – but sacrifices his own life in the process. As the tower is destroyed, the multiple Earths all merge back into one single Earth.

Appearing in "Finale"

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


Other Characters

Synopsis for "Finale"

Thousands of heroes and villains converge on Metropolis for a massive battle following the destruction of the Earth-splitting machine and the merging of the Earths back into one single reality. This battle is orchestrated by Alexander Luthor as a last-ditch effort to take the Earth by force, but Superboy-Prime doesn't desire to have this Earth be his home reality -- he wants Earth-Prime back. As he is about to kill Cassie Mark with his heat vision, the Flash attacks Superboy-Prime -- the Flash who is revealed to be a grown-up version of Bart Allen, Kid Flash, who came back from the Speed Force wearing Barry Allen's original costume.

Superboy-Prime then decides on a rather radical plan to bring back his reality -- to fly through Oa and destroy it, using the energy in the Central Power Battery to create a new Big Bang that will restart everything with him being the only hero in the new universe. The heroes who could fly attempt to follow Superboy-Prime in order to stop him, but his heat vision causes Breach to explode, bringing Captain Atom back to his own reality. Kal-L tries one last time to reason with with Prime, but he refuses and takes off with both Supermen, Power Girl, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart in persuit. With Superboy-Prime flying faster than even Kal-El or Kal-L can match, Hal Jordan sends a warning to the rest of the Green Lantern Corps.

Meanwhile, Batman, Nightwing, and Tim Drake take down Deathstroke together when Alexander Luthor attacks Nightwing with the last of his power, saying that Nightwing has ruined everything and damned his Earth. As Tim tends to Nightwing, Batman goes after Alexander with a gun, ready to shoot him when Wonder Woman intervenes, symbolically breaking her sword and saying Luthor is not worth killing. Batman relents, tossing the gun away and avoiding a crumbling building as it falls upon Alexander. He finds out that Nightwing will be fine.

As Superboy-Prime races toward Oa, he is slowed down by a 300-mile thick wall of pure green energy generated by the power rings of the Green Lantern Corps, who engage him in battle with Guy Gardner taking the lead. Superboy-Prime kills a handful of Green Lanterns and is almost ready to kill Guy when Hal Jordan intervenes. As Superboy-Prime is distracted, both Supermen grab him and fly him through the remains of Krypton and then through the red sun of Krypton, which causes all three heroes to lose their powers and for Superboy-Prime to lose his energy-storing armor. They crash-land on the Green Lantern planet Mogo, where Superboy-Prime kills Kal-L by pummeling him to death and almost does the same with Kal-El, saying that when Kal-El is gone, then he will be Superman. At that, Kal-El rips the S-shield off Superboy-Prime's chest, saying that he will never be Superman because he has no idea of what it means to be Superman, that it isn't about power or the symbol but about what he does with it. After Kal-El defeats Superboy-Prime, the Green Lantern Corps show up to destroy the Kryptonite that fell on the planet and to encase Superboy-Prime in a holding casket until he is brought to Oa for imprisonment. Power Girl weeps as her Earth-Two cousin dies, fearing that she will be left alone again, but Kal-L assures her that he will always be with her even if she can't see him, for he now sees what his wife has seen when she died.

As the heroes return to Earth to mourn for their dead, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman find themselves needing time to recover, not just physically but also spiritually as heroes. As Diana flies off in her invisible jet to find out who she really is, and Batman goes on a journey with Dick Grayson and Tim Drake to rebuild Batman, Clark joins with his wife Lois, realizing that even though he will need time to recharge his powers, the Earth will be in pretty good hands with enough heroes present to take care of things.

Meanwhile, in rainy Gotham City, Alexander Luthor fumes as he reads the news stating HEROES SAVE EARTH! CELEBRATIONS GLOBALLY, believing that the heroes haven't saved anything and that he will make the world a brighter place when he is attacked by a squirt of acid on his face and by the painful sting of electricity coming from a joy buzzer. It is the Joker who is looking to get his revenge for not being included in Alexander's plans. As Lex Luthor watches the Joker strike the killing blow on his counterpart, he mockingly asks, "Now who's stupid?"

On Oa, Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner are heading to a memorial for the Green Lanterns recently killed, and observe the special prison used to house the renegade Kryptonian. Too dangerous to be held in the Sciencells, the Guardians have placed Superboy-Prime's cell in a junior red Sun-Eater given to them by Donna Troy, to be watched by fifty Green Lanterns at all times. In his cell, the Kryptonian etches a bloody S-shield on his bare chest, saying that he's been in worse places than this and he's gotten out.


This collection reprints all seven issues of Infinite Crisis.

  • The Infinite Crisis trade collection was published in both hardcover and softcover formats.
  • The storylines from this collection were adapted in the Infinite Crisis novelization.


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