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Infinite Crisis was an event involving the return of Alex Luthor, Jr. and the Earth-Two Superman, the loss of magic, the teaming of super-villains, the rise of OMAC, the seeming disintegration of the Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman triune, and the restoration of a Multiverse.

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Image:Quote1.png The men and women plugged into the tower will help me re-form the core Earths. But I need the rest of the multiverse back as well. I need thousands and thousands of worlds. Worlds I can sift through like sand, one grain at a time, combining and mixing until I find it. Until I find the perfect earth. Image:Quote2.png
-- Alexander Luthor, Jr.

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Infinite Crisis

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Infinite Crisis

The DC Universe, Metropolis, Rann, Thanagar, Earth-2, Mogo, Saudi Arabia, etc.


Infinite Crisis

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After the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, it is shown that the characters who entered the "heaven" do not end up very pleased. Their new realm was crystal-like and responds to the emotions of the inhabitants, Superboy-Prime, Alexander Luthor, Superman of Earth-Two, and Lois Lane of Earth-Two. Superboy-Prime is constantly shown his ninth birthday party and his first time that he used his powers. These happy recordings cause Superboy-Prime to become unstable and lusts to be returned to his Earth. Out of rage and frustration, Superboy-Prime punches the walls of their realm and sends a ripple effect throughout the universe, as well as where they are. This wave causes reality to reconstruct certain aspects of itself and make history like it was supposed to be on all of the individual Earths that were destroyed. Some instances were the resurrection of the Doom Patrol and Jason Todd. These waves also caused the Lois Lane of Earth-Two to become weakened. Another revelation is made by Alexander Luthor, and he realizes that he could have sent them to Darkseid's domain and return to Earth instead of going to the crystalline "heaven". Believing that the New Earth is imperfect and needs to be replaced, Alexander Luthor powers up Superboy-Prime and enables him to breach their realm. After this, Alexander Luthor steals control of Brother Eye from Batman, forms a new Secret Society of Super-Villains (known simply as "The Society") to strike out at Earth's heroes, and plans for the Spectre to wreak havoc on the people of magic. Superboy-Prime destroyed the Justice League Watchtower and took Martian Manhunter hostage, triggered a War between Rann and Thanagar, and recovered the corpse of the Anti-Monitor.

While at the Watchtower, the trinity of DC, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman debate the current situation on Earth. Batman makes clear that Superman needs to be on Earth and help, and that Wonder Woman has crossed the line in killing Maxwell Lord. After a brief combat with Mongul, they part ways and join the fight. Kon-El is also contemplating whether or not he should interfere while he stays at the Kent farm. During this time, OMAC's have been destroying all of the meta-human population, most recently being Ratcatcher. After discovering the whereabouts of Nightwing, the OMAC's depart on an alternative assignment. To add to the fray, Gotham City is under attack by multiple lethal villains along with The Spectre.

In an attempt to discover what The Society is up to, the Freedom Fighters raid an "abandoned" refinery and are greeted by Deathstroke, Doctor Polaris, Sinestro, Bizarro, Zoom, Psycho-Pirate, Black Adam, Cheetah, and Doctor Light. Here, the entire Freedom Fighters are killed in a slaughter except for Uncle Sam. The Society's only casualties are Doctor Polaris, who is killed by The Human Bomb.

After Alexander Luthor convinces Superman of Earth-Two to destroy their realm, they head out to try to recreate the world for the better.

Soon after this, Animal Man is transported to New Cronus, the base for a defense group against the crisis. At the same time, Power Girl is attacked by the combined efforts of Clayface, Psycho-Pirate, Giganta, and others. After she is about to be defeated, Superman of Earth-Two comes to her rescue and defeats all of them with ease. He then says to Power Girl, "It's been a long time, cousin. Too long." Then they fly back to a hidden Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic where Power Girl meets all of the group from the "heaven". Alexander Luthor reveals that she must have fallen through a crack in reality and reworked into the current reality. She is also given a detailed explanation of the universe, but twisted into saying that the current age of heroes are too dark. Power Girl also regains her memories of her previous self. After realizing that Batman was right, Superman flies into action to fight the crisis. He then meets up with the Shadowpact while stopping a building from collapsing. Realizing that Captain Marvel is nowhere to be found, Alexander Luthor, as Lex Luthor, orders Black Adam to be taken in instead. He also has Brother Eye taunt Batman about him not being in control of it anymore. Currently it is shown to the world the battle of Themyscira versus the OMAC's, the Joker is told that he cannot enter the Society, and the Superman of Earth-Two reveals that they are planning to make Earth-Two the template for the current reality instead of Earth-One.

The Society launched its most ambitious plan yet when it staged a worldwide prison break from every prison/facility that held supervillains. Oracle and Martian Manhunter coordinated the Earth's superheroes as they tried to contain as many escapees as possible. In the meanwhile, Dr Psycho and Warp freed Doomsday from his prison at the center of the Earth. The Six reappeared and managed to question Scarecrow as to what the Society planned to do next. Scarecrow told them the Society was going to use the escaped villains to launch a massive assault on Metropolis as the first step towards world domination. The Six told Green Arrow who then told Oracle who then had the heroes of Earth gather in Metropolis to stop the Society's army.

The battle that followed was brutal with both sides suffering massive casulties; the hero Judomaster had his back broken by Bane, the Trigger Twins and the Madmen were shot by Wild Dog, Crimson Avenger, and Vigilante, Amazo was beheaded by Black Adam, Solomon Grundy and the Bloodpack were killed by Superboy-Prime. The fight turned in the heroes favor when several heroes that had been missing, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Batman, Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandmark), and Nightwing, arrived on the scene. Superman and the Superman of Earth-Two took down Doomsday. Alex Luthor attacked the heroes but his powers began to fade. Batman tried to kill him but was talked out of it by Wonder Woman. Just then a collapse of some debris separated Alex Luthor from the heroes. The battle then came to a close with the heroes triumphing and the Society facing heavy losses. A short time later, Alexander Luthor was killed by Joker for not letting join the Society.

Despite the defeat in Metropolis and the loss of Alex Luthor's leadership, the Society is apparently still active. A year after the battle of Metropolis, the Society sent a group of operatives known as the Nuclear Legion into the radioactive remains of Bludhaven.


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  • According to Black Adam (from 52 #3), a total of 5,079,432 people died during the Crisis.
  • The OMAC idea from the Pre-Crisis era was brought back in a revitalized way.
  • Captain Atom returns from the Wildstorm universe.
  • In Infinite Crisis #6, Alexander Luthor refers to the reader's universe as Earth-Prime and exceeds the Fourth Wall.
  • Lynx, Batwoman, and The Ventriloquist were all randomly brought back to life without explanation.
  • Brother Eye is not destroyed in Infinite Crisis #6, it survives until Sasha Bordeaux destroys it in the Omac Project Special.
  • A Higher Being is referred to in that the Spectre must submit to being hosted by Crispus Allen, possibly God.
  • In September 2006, DC Direct released Series 1 of the Infinite Crisis action figures.
  • The panel layout of the first page of Infinite Crisis #1 is identical to that of the first page of Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, to which this series is a kind of sequel.

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