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Infiltrator (perk)
Fallout 3
requirements: Level 18, Perception 7, Lockpick 70
ranks: 1
benefit: Another attempt to pick any broken lock.
base id: 44CB0

Infiltrator is a Fallout 3 Perk.

With this perk, if the player attempts to force a lock and breaks it, he or she may attempt to pick the lock one more time. Note that "one more time" really means "one more time". If the lock is forced a second time and breaks, the lock will no longer be able to be picked.


This perk may be considered useless by most players as you can simply save before picking any lock and reload if you use too many bobby pins. On top of that, there are a set of seven correct positions for the bobby pin. With a little patience each spot can be remembered using distinguishing features on the lock or the angle of the pin and the correct position determined by the amount the lock rotates before the bobby pin wiggles. The closer to the correct spot, the more the lock will turn.

Also, any lock pick attempt can be aborted before the bobby pin breaks (see lockpick).

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