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The name or term Inferno refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Inferno (disambiguation).
Inferno is an Autobot from the live-action movie continuity family.

The horrors of war left many Autobots in emotional turmoil, unsure whether there was even a point to functioning. That's where the psychologist Inferno comes in. Using complicated diagnostic programs to analyse the feelings of his fellow Autobots, he then adds and adjusts software and code to let his patients cope with their feelings.

Everyone still recognises Ratchet first, though. Tough break.




Movie continuity

"Prime Directives" IDW prequel

That's some bold posing for a shrink.
Note: Inferno was unnamed in his first (and only?) appearance. His name was supplied by artist Don Figueroa, though colorist Josh Burcham claimed he is merely a generic.

Inferno, part of a small group of Autobots guarding the ruins of Tyger Pax, found themselves under attack by countless Decepticons, unaware that they guarded the true location of the All Spark. As the onslaught intensified, their leader Bumblebee led them into a suicide play, giving them some clue of the true importance of their mission. They collapsed the ruined substructure around themselves, trapping as many Decepticons with them as possible and buying precious time for the All Spark to be removed from the Decepticons' grasp.

Inferno suffered major torso damage at the hands thrusters of a Dreadwing-type drone just before the roof collapsed and was not seen again. His fate remains unknown. Prime Directives issue 1


Transformers (2007)

  • Inferno (Ultra Class, 2008)
    • Accessories: Claw-missile, disc projectile, claw attachment, blaster attachment
A Toys "R" Us exclusive redeco of Armada Red Alert, Inferno transforms into a red Nissan Patrol rescue SUV. When a Mini-Con is attached to his hood-mounted Mini-Con port, the grille springs open. Pulling back on the attached Mini-Con launches a rescue disk/missile. Similarly, when a Mini-Con is used on his emergency lights port and is pushed forward, the sirens flash and a voice chip activates. It still says "RED UH-LURT! WOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOO!"
In robot mode, pulling back on the Mini-Con unlocks a shoulder-mounted missile/rescue grappling claw launcher, which can also be detached and held in his hand. His right leg guard contains several tools that can be attached onto his left wrist socket, while his left leg guard can be unfolded to become a Mini-Con repair bay. He comes with his Mini-Con partner Longarm.


Ratchet preferred green, so Inferno gets sloppy seconds.
  • Inferno's appearance in IDW's Prime Directives prequel comics was based on the preproduction design of Movie Ratchet (see right). After Dreamworks decided to make Ratchet a different rescue vehicle and green, artist Don Figueroa repurposed the original design for Inferno.
  • Later, Inferno got a toy via inspiration from the same preproduction materials. According to Hasbro designer Joe Kyde's design notes on Hasbro's Transformers website, Generation One Inferno, the preproduction color scheme of movie Ratchet, and Micromaster Tote were inspirations for Inferno's color scheme.

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