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Inferno in The After Years.

Inferno is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. It is usually a Fire-elemental attack, and is both an enemy ability and an attack usable by the player is some games. It is not to be confused with Hellfire, Ifrit's trademark attack which was translated as "Inferno" in some games.




Final Fantasy

Inferno is an attack used by Chaos in the NES and Playstation releases. It does Fire-elemental damage to the entire party. In the Game Boy Advance and PSP release, Chaos no longer uses the attack, with Blaze as a substitute.

Final Fantasy IV

Inferno is an enemy attack that does massive Fire-elemental damage to the entire party. It is Rubicante's signature attack, and is also usable by Geryon. Inferno is also usable as an Augment in the Nintendo DS release. It does Fire-elemental damage to all party members and enemies.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Rubicante once again uses Inferno as his trademark attack. It is also a Band ability learned in a cutscene battle with Rubicante before the player fights Ifrit. Inferno is usable by combining Rydia and Edge's abilities.

Final Fantasy XI

Inferno is the Astral Flow Blood Pact of Ifrit.

Final Fantasy XII

Inferno is a Concurrence, the weakest and easiest to obtain. To end a Quickening Chain with Inferno, the player must perform at least three Level 1 Quickenings in the chain.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Gabranth uses the Final Fantasy XII version of Inferno if he ends his EX Burst after performing a single Quickening.


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