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The inertial compensator, also known as the inertial damper or acceleration compensator, was a technology used in starships, especially in starfighters and other high-performance vessels. It compensated for the intense accelerations that a spaceship underwent in the course of its normal activities; without compensators, ships would either have to accelerate much more slowly, or kill their occupants with excessive g-forces.

Inertial compensators were often dialed back from full power by experienced pilots (from 97 to 95 percent), giving them just enough inertia to feel how the ship was performing without negatively impacting their ability to pilot the ship.[1].

Inertial compensators were also used in simulators, making them more realistic by creating artificial sensations of acceleration.


Behind the scenes

Inertial compensators may or may not be the same as Repulsor-compensators.

It is possible that deceleration equalizers perform the opposite function to an inertial compensator.[2]



Notes and references

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