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Industrial Illusions is the company that makes Duel Monsters and publishes Dungeon Dice Monsters worldwide. The company is run by the Duel Monsters game's creator Maximillion Pegasus. He and Seto Kaiba were once old friends when Pegasus was still an active duelist. But in the Duelist Kingdom arc Pegasus teamed with Kaiba's old executives The Big Five in order to take over Kaibacorp in order to revive his deceased wife Cecelia Pegasus. In the Doma arc Pegasus bought over half of Seto's company but agreed to stop if Kaiba would duel him. Kaiba agrees and flies to Duelist Kingdom and duels him. However it is later revealed Pegasus was defeated in a duel by Mai Valentine and Alister was dueling him instead. At the end of the Doma Arc he is freed from captivity along with the rest of Dartz's prisoners.

In episode 9 it is shown to be somewhere in California. In the Doma Arc, Industrial Illusions was shown to be near San Francisco.

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