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The Indomitable was a Majestic-class heavy cruiser that served as command ship of Task Force Aster in the New Republic's Fifth Battle Group, during the Black Fleet Crisis. It fought at the Battle of Doornik-319,[1] and at the Battle of ILC-905.[2]

Indomitable was directly commanded by Commodore Brand, the task force commander; Captain Theb Tobbra served as first officer,[3] and Lieutenant Threld was another member of the bridge crew.[4] The starfighters included the E-wings of the 16th Fighter Squadron and the K-wings of the 24th Bombardment Squadron.[1]

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Behind the scenes

Indomitable is only explicitly identified as a Majestic-class heavy cruiser in the Black Fleet Crisis FAQ at author Michael P. Kube-McDowell's website. In the trilogy, she is described as a "star cruiser" on her first mention in Shield of Lies and subsequently simply as a "cruiser".

Since similar terms can be applied to Star Destroyers (for instance, some of the Star Destroyers at N'zoth in Before the Storm, the first book of the trilogy, are identified as "medium cruisers"), there is thus no strictly canonical evidence that Majestic is not a Nebula-class Star Destroyer.



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