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Series: The Original Series (Pocket TOS)
Author(s): S.D. Perry & Britta Dennison
Publication information
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: Paperback - February 2010

Inception is a Star Trek: The Original Series novel by S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison, published by Pocket Books in 2010. The book tells a story featuring James T. Kirk, Carol Marcus, Spock and Leila Kalomi early in their careers.


Publisher's description

From the back cover
As man expands beyond explored space, the need to find a way to make inhospitable planets hospitable grows greater. One young biologist, Carol Marcus, has a project that she is convinced can reshape planets. She puts together a team of young, committed scientists who dare to dream as she does: of a Federation remade so hunger is eradicated, where every world can be reshaped into a paradise. The belief that all things are possible, that man can strive to conquer space not with force but with science, is shared by James Kirk, a young Starfleet officer and her lover.
Leila Kalomi, a renowned botanist, is looking for a new direction. After hearing about Marcus's project, she applies for a position. She finds Carol's passion contagious, and a chance encounter with the Enterprise's science officer, Spock, convinces her to join Project: Inception.
Four people just trying to find the balance between their careers and their personal lives, trying to make the right choice not just for themselves but for the betterment of all mankind. The choices they make will rewrite the history of the Federation and change forever how man explores space.


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The Sorrows of Empire
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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Inception is Pure Frontier Wrestling's annual premier Pay-Per-View event. Usually occuring near the beginning of every Summer, it is also used as the PFW's "official" season opening which runs all the way up until the next Inception the following year. It also allows for PFW to expand itself both in popularity and its sales/revenue as its "biggest" event, pushing hard on Character-driven merchandise.

As of right now, the first Inception has shattered box office sales for tickets as within mere minutes the Pay-Per-View was sold out upon going on sale. Even PFW staff had difficult times just finding tickets for their families and friends.



Although in the PFW's first original run Inception was never actually broadcasted although it was planned to be the Pay-Per-View after the Survival of the Fittest Pay-Per-View. So far there has yet to be an Inception Pay-Per-View, although the first will be occuring on July 6th, 2008. Pitting a representative of each Brand of PFW, Monday Night Frontier and Monday Night Sin City, the Main Event will be contended to decide the first PFW World Champion since PFW reopened in April of 2008.

Inception Results

Main Event - PFW World Championship

Vladamir Malkavius Defeat Cougar

Devil's Furnace Match - PFW Crossroads Championship

Chill © Defeated Machine, Chris Winters & Jesse Barton

Three Way Tag-Team Match - Frontier Tag-Team Championships

Biohazard/Cash Parker (Cold Fusion) Defeated Anthem Odysseus/Zero Exillerius (Achilles Heel) & Declan O'Reilly/Patrick O'Reilly (The O'Reillys)

Singles Match

Greg Cherry Defeated Curtis Conway

Singles Match

Krim Tril Defeated Jay Maximillion

Handicap Match

Nephilim Defeated Mulkey South, Joe Kickass & T Money

Inception Dates, Venues & Attendances

Show Date City Attendance Theme Song Main Event
Inception 2008 July 6th, 2008 San Antonio, Texas To Be Determined "Life As A Soldier" by IllScarlet Cougar Vs. Vladamir Malkavius

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  • PFW

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Star Wars Fanon

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The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

The Inception
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards


Executor-class Star Dreadnought

Technical specifications

8,001 meters

Hyperdrive rating

Class 2

  • 250 heavy turbolaser batteries
  • 250 turbolaser batteries
  • 250 ion cannons
  • 250 concussion missile tubes
  • 50 tractor beam emplacements




  • Transport Ship
  • Battleship
  • Factory ship

c. 4 ABY

Present for battles/events

Dark Trooper Revival conflict

  • Galactic Empire
  • General Anc

Workshop Fleet

Known owner(s)

General Anc

Known commander(s)


The Inception was one of General Anc's production/warships that he used in his plan to recreate the Dark Trooper project. The ship served as a construction facility for the Dark Troopers and for his new creation, the Blaze Dark Trooper. The ship also served as Omega's flagship and an escort for The Anvil and/or The Gaol. The ship met its doom at the hands of Kyle Katarn, when the Star Destroyer's reactor overloaded.

File:Inception's demise.jpg
The Inception's demise

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