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Brief overview: During a study of the galactic barrier, Gary Mitchell and his race of gods take control of Pioneer.


Memorable quotes

"I’ll just stick with my mojito thanks."
Ria enjoys a refreshing drink.
A loud, low, echoing sound in space.
But there’s no way sound can travel in space!
That’s the part that’s mystifying you?"
Mollet, Kim and Ria discussing the strange goings on.
"I know that with immense power comes immense responsibility, a responsibility you aren’t prepared to accept."
— Captain Maxwell on Gary Mitchell.
"My only responsibility is to the greater good of the galaxy, the universe. Don’t you see, I can protect all life. Every planet in existence at peace, no wars, disease, natural disasters completely disappeared… that is the power I hold, and it is my responsibility watch over the universe."
— Mitchell justifying his power.

Log entries

  • "Captain’s log, stardate 65214.3. After travelling through Warp Region 6 we have arrived in the Delta Vega sector, the verge of the galaxy. We have been ordered to the Galactic barrier, a massive energy disturbance at the edge of the Milky Way, to investigate some strange long range sensor readings suggesting it is becoming unstable.
--- Captain Maxwell

Background information

  • The paradise version of Delta Vega seen in this episode is actually an image of Alderaan from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith.
  • This episode gives a theory as to how the original USS Enterprise was able to reach the Galactic barrier so quickly in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" dispite it being around 25,000 lightyears from Earth. The Pioneer travels through "Warp Region 6", this is a small strip of space, similar to a wormhole or spatial vortex, which allows for quick travel between two points in space. This may also be how the Enterprise (NX-01) was able to travel from Earth to Qo'noS in little time in "Broken Bow".

See also

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