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Karl pulls an injured Ben along, after being captured by the Losties ("Through the Looking Glass")  (promotional still)

The characters in Lost are often literally or symbolically forced to deal with imprisonment, both on-Island and in their pasts.


Literal imprisonment

The following characters have been shown off the Islands literally behind bars or in custody.

Desmond Southway Garrison prison
Jack Local jail
Kate Custody of U.S. Marshal
Sawyer Federal prison
Sayid Imprisoned during war
Interrogated by CIA
Hurley L.A. County Jail

The following list shows when any characters have literally been imprisoned.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Symbolic imprisonment

Some may never be free of their pasts.
  • Kate ran from the Monster and hid in a thicket of bamboo, reminiscent of prison bars--she was a prisoner of her own fear here, until she used Jack's method of counting. ("Pilot, Part 1")
  • Locke was confined to a wheelchair before the crash. ("Walkabout")
  • Jin was stuck working for Mr. Paik. ("...In Translation")
  • Desmond ran off, so the castaways had to resume pressing the button. ("Orientation")
  • The occupants of The Swan were forced to push the button, to prevent a disaster ("Orientation").
  • Locke told Claire that babies, unlike adults, like the feeling of being constricted, but that only as adults, do we strive for freedom. ("Abandoned")
  • Hugo escaped from Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. ("Dave")
  • Locke was a prisoner of The Swan, fearing what would happen if he no longer pressed the button. He was free of his imprisonment when he traveled to The Pearl and changed his view on The Swan. ("?")
  • First Radzinsky and Kelvin, then Kelvin and Desmond were confined within the Swan station by duty and fear. ("Live Together, Die Alone")
  • In their final episode Nikki and Paulo were paralyzed by poison and buried alive. ("Exposé")

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