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Barret Wallace being Imprisoned

Imprisoned is a Status Effect in Final Fantasy VII. It describes a state in which a character is incapacitated by a special enemy. While in this state, they cannot make any moves of any kind until the enemy imprisoning them is defeated. Imprisoned characters are considered defeated, therefore if all three characters are Imprisoned, the game is over.

This status only occurs in three separate boss battles.

During the battle with Turks:Reno in Sector 7, his Pyramid attack can imprison a character. Targeting the Pyramid will cause it to be destroyed, freeing the character. It is important to tell that destroying the pyramid you win AP.

During the battle with Bottomswell in Junon, the Waterpolo attack will imprison a character. While imprisoned by the Waterpolo, their HP will slowly trickle down as if they are being drowned. Damaging the Waterpolo with a magic attack will destroy it, freeing the character.

During the battle with Carry Armor it is used by either Left Arm and Right Arm. When targeted, a character is picked up and held by one of the arms. During this state, damage inflicted on carry armor will reciprocate in damage inflicted on the imprisoned character(s). If an arm is destroyed or the only character left is imprisoned, the held character will be dropped and can begin to fight again.


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City of Heroes

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Your skill at being held immobile and not being able to do anything is unmatched.

How to Get

Be Held, Slept, Stunned, or Mezzed for 10 hours total.

Gladiator Badge Unlocked

When you obtain this badge, you will unlock the Wailer Queen Gladiator badge.

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