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The Impresario can refer to one of two non-player characters in Final Fantasy VI.

The first Impresario is the conductor of the Phantom Train, and he advises Sabin Rene Figaro, Shadow, and Cyan Garamonde how to exit the train.

The second Impresario is the manager of the Opera House. He is very sensitive about his operas, and panics whenever there is any potential problem with them. He is first seen in Jidoor, where he obtains a letter from Setzer Gabbiani that he is going to kidnap Maria, the star of the hit opera Maria and Draco. The Impresario then heads back to the Opera House, where Locke Cole suggests that Celes Chere, who looks just like Maria, perform as an understudy that night. The Impresario accepts this option. However, he panics again when it is revealed that Ultros is going to "jam the opera." When the opera is indeed interrupted, the Impresario runs onto the stage and tries to get the audience cheery again. Locke then treats them to a battle with Ultros. In the World of Ruin, the Impresario is found panicking yet again again when the Earth Dragon perches itself on the stage.


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