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Impling Jars are used to catch Implings in the minigame Impetuous Impulses and all over RuneScape. The Impling Jar is used to catch the Easter Implings in Splitting Heirs.

How to make an impling jar

A detailed image of an Impling jar

An impling jar is a butterfly jar treated specially. There are five ways to get impling jars.

  1. Make it yourself :
    1. Grind up cooked anchovies with a pestle and mortar to make anchovy paste.
    2. Get a sieve from the chemist and use it on the anchovy paste with a vial in your inventory to get anchovy oil. (Uses 8 anchovy paste per vial.)
    3. Use flowers with the vial; you can get flowers from farming or mithril seeds, you will get Imp repellent.
    4. Use the vial with the lamp oil still at the Chemist's House in Rimmington. The one in Dorgesh-Kaan does not work. The still must not have any lamp oil already in it.
    5. Finally, use a butterfly jar with the lamp oil still.
  2. Ask Elnock Inquisitor if he has any spare equipment. (Once only.)
  3. Trade Elnock any type of captured Impling.
  4. Buy one at the Grand exchange
  5. Collect from an unlimited supply in the Easter Bunny's office during the 2009 Easter Event.

The jar can break if you try to open it but having a higher strength level reduces the risk of this.


Implings that can be captured include:


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