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A group of Imperial officers follows Darth Vader.

Imperial officers were members of the Galactic Empire's military.



The officer was a high class soldier within the Empire's military who provided a commanding presence among the legions of stormtroopers that were deployed to fight the Emperor's enemies. Their leadership roles often inspired the troops in battle and were capable of summoning more troops onto the field.

Certain officers can end up within the mighty Imperial Star Destroyers which were the backbone of the Imperial Navy. Serving aboard such vessels was an honor for the crew and officers who were selected for their skill, loyalty and leadership abilities. However, a number of officers had attained the position through political connections despite their actual talent. Regardless of entry, an officer stationed onto a Star Destroyer received a boost in their career.


When not in a combat situation, officers wore standard issue uniforms. These uniforms consisted of a double-breasted tunic, trousers, black leather belt with command disc on the buckle, boots and a hat with matching disk. Uniform colors varied from gray for naval and army officers to black for stormtrooper officers. Small silver cylinders were kept in pockets on either side of the chest, near the shoulders. These cylinders were used as security permits to allow the officer to access areas under his or her authority.

All officers wear a rank insignia on their uniform. Similar to chevrons, these plaques are worn on the left side of the chest and often consist of red and blue squares. In some cases, yellow squares are present to indicate a Governor or Moff position.

If in a combat situation, officers wore a specialized armor matching their uniform color. This armor plating covered the upper torso and head. AT-ST commanders often wore armor close to these sets of armor. Death star troopers also wore this armor.

Although officers were trained in the use of the standard E-11 blaster rifle, they rarely carried weapons while on board capital ships. When in combat, officers wore holstered pistols.

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