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This article is about the comic book. You may be looking for the Imperial spy in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
Imperial Spy

Mike W. Barr


Ken Steacy


Ken Steacy


Bob Cooper

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Dark Horse Comics

Publication date

May-September 1998



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Star Wars Kids

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Preceded by

X-wing Marks the Spot

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Death Star Pirates

"Our navcharts and possible base sites have been rifled through, Han. I think it's pretty obvious…we've got a spy."
Luke Skywalker to Han Solo

Imperial Spy is a five part comic written by Mike W. Barr and illustrated by Ken Steacy and Glen Mullaly, and was published in issues #11-#15 of the Star Wars Kids magazine. It tells the story of an Imperial spy who stalls the Rebel Alliance's evacuation of Yavin 4.


With the new X-wings purchased from Vors Voorhorian, the Rebel Alliance plans to evacuate Yavin IV. Several months have passed since the deal with Voorhorian, but the Alliance realizes that the Empire has waited long enough. While Luke Skywalker and Vors Voorhorian are shuttling pilots up to the modified GR-75 medium transport in which the new X-wings are stalled, a CR90 corvette, Bail Organa enters the system, requesting asylum.

The ship lands on Yavin IV, when it is discovered that it is a refugee ship, carrying Alderaanian survivors from the late planet. Han Solo, on discovering this, orders C-3PO not to tell Leia Organa, the former Princess of Alderaan, citing that she needed sleep after her numerous other escapades.

A few days later, Lieutenant Rogor, an Alliance officer, discovers an unauthorized intrusion, and notes that someone had been though the Alliance's plans for re-location. Skywalker comes to the deduction that they have a spy on their hands. Leia starts berating Han for ordering that she not be woken up, and then greets the Alderaanian refugees. She is thanked by Tolok, an aristocrat and apparently the leader of the refugees. Leia then discovers a woman named Darlen amongst the crowd. Darlen and Leia had been friends back on Alderaan, and had probably not seen each other in the three years since the Destruction of Alderaan. During their reunion, Leia has an idea, and storms off towards the Yavin control room, where she "accuses" Han Solo of being the spy. Solo tries to "make a run" for it, and strikes Skywalker. Taking off in the Millennium Falcon, Solo patrols the skies of Yavin IV. The "accusation" had in fact been a ruse by Leia to draw the real spy into a false sense of security. Solo and Chewbacca discover an unauthorized transmission emanating from the jungle around the Massassi base. Q-7N triangulates the readings back in the control room and leads Luke and Leia to the source. On getting to the location specified, the three of them find Tolok and Darlen in each others arms.

Tolok explains that he and Darlen were married, though they had kept it a secret, because they did not feel the right to talk about their happiness with the other refugees. Meanwhile, Luke and Q-7N scout the surroundings and find an autobeacon, which detonates upon their discovery. Han and Chewbacca, in the Falcon, get another signal and track it to one of the many outposts around the Massassi Temple. They try to shoot down the shadowy figure atop the outpost but miss, and the spy escapes. Back at the base, Luke offers to discover the culprit by using the Force on one of the fragments of the destroyed autobeacon.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader receives a transmission from the spy, who advises him that now is the best time to strike. Vader agrees, and takes the Death Squadron to the Yavin system. The Evacuation of Yavin would begin in mere hours.

Darth Vader confronts Rogor.

While the Rebel ships were preparing for take off, Luke insisted that by using the Force, he could discover the identity of the spy. As he did so, Rogor, who had been the spy all along, burst out and tried to kill Luke, before running into the main hangar and clambering into an X-wing. Little did he know that it was one of the old X-wings, whose parts had been sacrificed to make the new X-wings operational. Rogor's craft crashed in a swamp near the main temple. He escaped and wandered through the jungle for several hours, before chancing upon the Imperial ground force assault led by Darth Vader. Vader, displeased by the fact that many of the Rebels had been able to evacuate, struck down Rogor with his lightsaber, and the Rebels successfully relocated to Hoth.



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Imperial Spy


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Whenever the book is finished

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Legacy Era


256 ABY


Imperial Agent Series

Followed by

Imperial Assassin

Imperial Spy is the first book in the Imperial Agent Trilogy written by Thenorthernman. The novel tells the story of Vernassa, a talented young spy of the Third Galactic Empire, who is sent on a mission of diplomacy that goes completely wrong.



"Gone? Gone where?"

Senator Datan was infuriated by the placid face of Erisand Garlam. The hotel owner appeared imperturbable in the face of Datan's anger. Like a rock on a stormy seashore, he let the waves of emotion crash down upon him, and if there was any wear from the pounding action of that crashing surf, then it merely served to make his surface smoother.

"I'm not sure where Senator Alyssa went, sir. It's not my place to question guests on their movements, but I did notice her bags were full. If I would hazard a guess, I would say she is going off-world and home." Ersisand answered in a calm voice.

"She's left the planet!" Datan exclaimed. His eyebrows rose so high they were nearly lost in his hairline and every crease of his expressive face showed disbelief. "When did she leave?"

"Early this morning. I'm sorry sir."


  • Imperial Spy: Prologue
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter One
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Two
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Three
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Four
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Five
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Six
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Seven
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Eight
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Nine
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Ten
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Eleven
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Twelve
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Thirteen
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Fourtenn
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Fiftenn
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Sixteen
  • Imperial Spy: Chapter Seventeen

Dramatis Personae

On Coruscant

  • Vernassa - Talented young spy for the Emperor. Mistress of disguise.
  • Sudanam - Military general of the Imperial army. Becomes emperor after the death of the imposter Emperor, Darth Vantus.
  • Shadrar - Master assassin and long-time adversary of Vernassa
  • Darth Vantus/Senator Vannus - Known for his cunning and evil. Is using the Dark Side of the Force to pose as Emperor after using Shadrar to kill the real one.
  • Vamran - Commander of an Imperial Legion. An overweight soldier with ideas above his station.
  • Ferna - Master Spy. Mentor of Vernassa. Missing. Presumed dead for two years.
  • Senator Alyssa - A phantom. That is, an alias of Vernassa. A spoilt young woman known to be the daughter of a rich merchant from Bespin.
  • Erisand Garlam - Proprietor of the Ibys hotel, a high class hotel on Coruscant.
  • Rikan - Dressmaker and friend of Erisand.
  • Ranaka - Newly qualified Legionnaire of the General's Elite Legion. One of only two such Legionnaires yet to reach their eighteenth birthdays.
  • Senator Datan - A handsome young playboy of the Imperial Court. Only son of Senator Tamerlae, a powerful old-school Senator. Renowned as a philanderer of the Imperial Court, he is smitten with Senator Alyssa, an alter ego of Vernassa.
  • Senator Tamerlae - Powerful old-school Senator. Father of Senator Datan.
  • Senator Kemter - Old-school Senator. Regent of the Empire in Emperor Sudanam's absence.
  • Sidik - File Leader from the General's Elite Legion. Companion to Vernassa during her journey to Manaan.
  • Kalhamm - Overweight servant from the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. Prone to exaggeration and an incessant storyteller. Travelling companion to Vernassa during her journey to Manaan.
  • Fagen - Servant from the Imperial Palace on Coruscant. Slim and introvert travelling companion to Vernassa during her journey to Manaan.
  • Izabel Tamerlae - Gracious wife of Senator Tamerlae. Known affectionatelyas Izzie by her husband.

On Manaan

  • King Shaelar - King of the Selkath. A kind old man, used to reigning over a peaceful empire, but who has recently faced hostilites from all sides.
  • Krider - Head of the household staff in Ahto Palace.
  • Velain - Chief Butler at Ahto Palace.
  • Shanrer - Acolyte of Darth Vantus who outwitted his master by deliberately leading an Imperial army to their destruction on Manaan.
  • Anthony - Close friend of Shaelar. Potential heir to the throne before his murder.
  • Dereban - Unsavoury member of the Selkath Court.
  • Annas - A name assumed by one of Vernassa's fellow spies. Sent by by Emperor Sudanam to help Vernassa.
  • Brandas - Selkath noble. Speaker for the prosecution at Vernassa's trial.
  • Commander Sater - Commander of the Imperial First Legion. Speaker for the defence at Vernassa's trial.
  • Penias - Selkath scientist called as a witness at Vernassa's trial.

This article uses material from the "Imperial Spy" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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